Pathfinder: Domain

By Royal Decree

Season 1, Prologue 1: Tazal's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


In the Capital Enotian City of Elidor…

Just after dusk, the Tiefling Magus, Tazal Urnarok received a visit in his townhouse. Unbeknownst to most, though a citizen of some repute within the city and a prominent member of the Elidor University of Magic, Tazal had several underworld connections and a long-standing rivalry with the Royal Spymaster Lord Nolan Comgall.
The visit took the form of three of his contacts, Humans Rupert Cooper and Joseph Temple as well as the E’bari Leonara Hassett, who spoke with him for a time about a plan to raid one of the main drug-dens belonging to the Spymaster. Between the four they had managed to manipulate and enhance a small group of religious fanatics known as the Talasians (agents of chaos who worship the Goddess Talasa), who reveled in social anarchy and mischief and would make perfect distractions and scapegoats for the raid.
Laying their plans they met later in the evening at one of Tazal’s safe-houses and donned their masks and fake personas (Tazal went by the name of The Blood Mask). Going before the Talasians, they worked them up into a frenzy and lead them through the sewers of the city that connected the safe-house to Comgall’s warehouse; where large quantities of the drug “Red Sand” were being packed ready to be shipped out.

A small group of Talasians broke off to handle the guards as Tazal, Cooper, Temple and Hassatt entered the warehouse from beneath a storeroom and the group began to subjugate the workers ready to steal the drugs.
As the four oversaw the operation from the second storey balcony gangway, Cooper was shot from above by a crossbow bolt and instantly killed as the skylight burst open and over two-dozen black-clad Spymaster Agents descended on steel cables and the front doors were forced open by city Watch. Realizing their chance of survival in a firefight was next to nil, Tazal ordered his men to stand down, just as Temple joined the Agents – the turn-coat revealed.

Handcuffed, Tazal and Hassett had to watch as the Talasians were rounded up and executed, then the pair were bundled into an ostentatious black and gold royal carriage that awaited them outside. Assuming they were being taken to a formal trial then execution themselves, they were surprised to find they were instead taken to the private estate of The Spymaster, Lord Nolan Comgall.

Upon arrival the two were ushered into a dining room befitting a Lord of Enotia and were made to sit – still handcuffed – at a long Baratek-Wood table. At the head of the table the spymaster sat and explained his predicament: he admired Tazal’s abilities but couldn’t risk having him as a competitor. He couldn’t kill him because the Queen had ordered an audience with him, but before the two could fully relax, he murdered Hassett by shooting her in cold blood to show he was serious.

Tazal was then showed a Royal Decree that stated he needed to be at the castle in the city of Karsek the next day by order of Her Majesty, so Lord Comgall had his handcuffs removed and the Tiefling placed under house arrest until he could be transported the next day.


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