Pathfinder: Domain

By Royal Decree (Part 2, Karinion)

Season 1, Prologue 2: Karinions's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


In the southern Enotian city of Karsek…

Following a lead given to him by Lord Flinteye after the Reaper attack in Icevorn, Karinion arrives in Karsek late in the afternoon and gets to Tresbennan Walk a little before dusk. Investigating the rumours of possible necromancer presence, he begins questioning the people there in the hopes that it may lead to some information about the undead assassins who injured Lord Galeron. Among the buildings in the area is a church to The Twelve which is tended by a Father Bernhard Lowten. Father Lowten meets with the Paladin and states that the cemetery next to the church has been disturbed but it seems no bodies are missing, simply the ground disturbed. He does say that the local morgue has reported some missing bodies, but that it has been filed with the City Watch and he does not know any more about it.
Heading to the Morgue Karinion meets with an old Dwarf mortician called Hershal Wickes who is more than happy to complain to someone new about the missing cadavers, and will gladly show the Paladin where the bodies are meant to be. He also takes the time to show Lord Nallmiel a zombie that he personally put down the night before: a bloated and cancerous corpse without a head – he says he found it wandering around near the graveyard.
Questioning the local residents does not turn up anything concrete in the way of information except for scraps of “odd noises” and “strange people lurking in alleyways”; though the Paladin of Ki does find a woman on his rounds called Elnora Lawrence who seemed quite open about the fact her deceased Husband was in her living room, and it turned out to be a caged zombie. Fearing for the woman’s state of mind but finding her in no immediate danger, Karinion left her and decided to visit her solicitor later.
A few more rounds around the houses eventually turns up a couple of rumours about a strange woman who keeps to herself and has a fascination with the dead.

Some questioning reveals the name “Marietta Rackharrow”, and it doesn’t take Lord Nallmiel long to discover her address. Not quite what he was expecting and certainly not fitting the typical description of a necromancer, Marietta is a pretty, shy and scholarly Human woman in her mid-twenties. She is fearful of the Paladin, and rightly so as Necromancy is outlawed in Enotia, but as it happens she is not a practicing necromancer at all, but a White Necromancer theorist; who actually only studies the dead and their connection with the living. She too has been investigating the missing corpses, and wants to help. She says there have been spikes of magical activity and had traced them to a crypt in the cemetary but lacked the courage to intervene directly.

As the two approach the crypt they find it leads underground and is much larger than it first appears. Descending into the crypt the pair hear a couple of voices: one speaking common and another speaking an unknown language. Sneaking further down they discover a robed figure with their back to them talking to a swirling magical visage of another: a human-looking man with pale-white skin, long black hair and luminous, unearthly green-glowing eyes. The visage spots them and dissipates, and before the figure can make a move, the E’bari Lord draws his pistol on them.

the figure vanishes as soon as they approach, turning invisible, and then strikes Karinion from stealth. Luckily the Paladin’s trained senses allow him to react and deflect the attack, causing their attacker to become visible: a Dhampir.

The two engage in contact resulting in Karinion becoming injured (and healed using Marietta’s magic) but ultimately victorious with the death of the Dhampir. Though little information was gleaned, Karinion does discover an encoded diary on the body of the Dhampir which Marietta offers to help him translate. While she gets to work in aiding the Paladin of Ki, Karinion goes to settle up some business with the solicitor of Mrs Lawrence…


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