Pathfinder: Domain

By Royal Decree (Part 3, Tobius)

Season 1, Prologue 3: Tobius's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


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Off the coast of Western Enotia, approaching the city of Halbsbrecht…

Travelling aboard the Enotian Royal Airship “The Stormwitch”, Lord Tobius was acting as magical-military advisor to his long-time friend, Commander Gregore Stonebite. Traversing the Caribus Ocean along with the rest of the Stone Hammer Marines, the Stormwitch was suddenly attacked by an ambushing Emerald Sea Pirates Skycutter, a smaller and faster but less well-armed flying ship.

Crewed by Sylph pirates and led by one of Stonebite’s old adversaries – the Suli Magus Captain Colhal – the skycutter-class vessel broadsided The Stormwitch and the Sylph lept over with the intention of boarding the Enotian Warship. Though agile and competent fighters, the pirates proved no match for the disciplined soldiers of the Stone Hammers, and it didn’t take too long until the Sylph began losing ground.

Captain Colhal squared up against Tobius himself, but heavily underestimated the Ifrit Gunslinger who made short work of him in single combat. As the pirates retreated and their ship tried to flee, Commander Stonebite used a grappling cannon to tow it limping back to port in Halbsbrecht.

Arriving just before dusk, Tobius said his goodbyes to the Commander and headed to his home in the city, a few blocks from the skydock where The Stormwitch and the disabled skycutter remain docked.
Arriving home he found his sister – Jasmine – noticeably distraught. Panicking and pacing, speaking in tongues and barely coherent, he was able to calm her down long enough to discover that in his absence a mercantile vessel from Kajir had arrived in the city bearing the name “The Resplendent Coin”. According to what she had seen, at least two of its crew were far from merchants: a sinister-looking Suli woman and a brutish Ifrit man who both bore the colours of Clan Iagan.
Agreeing with his sister that their cover may have been blown, Tobius quickly packed a bag to go alongside the one his sister had already prepared and the two went to leave the home and flee to a new life before their pursuers caught up with them.

Finding their exit blocked by a tall and imposing Catfolk man with a broad smile, Tobius recognized the brooch he bore as a sign of nobility within Enotian society, so allowed the man into his home. The Catfolk spoke with a broad Kajiran accent and introduced himself as the newly ignobled Lord Panroar Flinteye. He explained to Tobius that he was on strict orders from the Queen of Entoia to bring him before Her Majesty, and that he would not be able to take no for an answer. Charismatic and enigmatic all the while, the Catfolk Lord offered them the protection of his “help” waiting outside (several Queensguard) who he then proceeded to belittle as if to over-emphasize the pomposity of power the Lords of Enotia possessed.

Spotting the Suli and Ifrit of Clan Iagan across the street from the their home, Tobius and Jasmine saw the two look on with barely controlled rage as the Enotian Lord led them to some horses he had waiting to escort them to the local rail station and on to the city of Karsek with an audience with Her Majesty Queen Eldeatia I…


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