Pathfinder: Domain

By Royal Decree (Part 4, Tzun)

Season 1, Prologue 4: Tzun's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


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North-east Enotia, in the rural town of Waybridge…

Tzun is staying at Xylander Manor on the hill just north of the town of Waybridge, where he, his wife, son, two daughters and cousin (and his wife) are all guests of Eburwin Xylander and his wife, Celestine. Eburwin is an retired major from the Enotian Armed Forces and a reputed master of longsword combat who Tzun has come to study under to learn this fighting style.
The Mushasi Family have been there about a week, and Eburwin had given them rooms in his manor rather than having them use their Yurts.
It was late in the afternoon and Tzun was training with Eburwin in a sparring courtyard outside the rear of his property. Training with Waster (wooden training swords), they partake in complex and graceful parries while Celestine and Tzun’s extended family look on. After a few practice rounds they are interrupted by a servant who informs them of a visitor: it is Lady Rhialla who has been sent to find Tzun. She has with her a Royal Decree which instructs Tzun to return with her to the city of Karsek. Despite the cultural differences, Tzun appreciates it is a summons and not a request, and agrees to go but not until he has had his duel with Xylander.

The pair duel to first blood, this time with their signature blades, and after an impressive duel it is Tzun who finally wins out, and Xylander concedes defeat, congratulating the easterner and proclaiming their is nothing further he can teach him.

It is early evening by the time Tzun and Xylnader complete their duel, and the Human ex-military officer suggests they stay the night and head out to Karsek at daybreak the next day. Tzun’s family have very little time to prepare and pack their belongings, so Fen (Tzun’s wife) suggests they take Xylander up on his offer.
The rest of the evening is spent eating dinner and partaking of wine while the servants prepare their belongings for travel and groom horses for the next day. Rhialla is also given a room of her own at Xylander Manor.

late into the evening after everyone had retired, Tzun is woken from his sleep due to his perceptve nature and discovers an assassin about to strike. Avoiding their killing blow, he awakens and fights back, discovering there is a second assailant in his room. Dispatching one while unarmed, he brings his blade to bare on the second, both of whom are dressed in ninja garb but displaying no clan markings.
As he fights Tzun hears commotion outside and enters the upper-floor corridor to see Xylander running another one through while a fourth ninja retreats through the window and runs. Rhialla appears from inside one of the other guest-rooms, having dispatched a couple of assassins as well. Tzun recognizes them as such from the way they move and fight, and even though they are covered, he recognizes the green glint to their weapons as Vishkanya poison.
The final assassin escapes, but the group unmask the dead attackers and discover they are indeed Vishkanya, deadly assassins from the land of Omishiru.

After the attack they tend to the wounded and Rhialla recommends they leave (during the night) so as to draw any subsequent attacks away from Xylander Manor. Tzun’s son Jin offers to go back to Omishiru to investigate who would send assassins and why, and Tzun grants him leave to do so.
Thanking the Xylanders for their hospitality but not wishing to place them in any further danger Tzun, Rhialla and Tzun’s family leave for Karsek just after 1 o’clock in the morning.


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