Pathfinder: Domain

By Royal Decree (Part 6, Killburn)

Season 1, Prologue 6: Killburn's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


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Northern Enotia, Whitewillow Grove…

After years alone in the Peaks of The World Mountains, the Druid Kip Killburn answered a summons from the Arch-Druid of his order, Fruril Moonshadow. Stating that he was due to choose a successor, all the Druids of the Whitewillow Grove circle had been called to a Moot and Killburn arrived at Whitewillow at dusk, where the celebrations were well under way. Though he has been called back because the Arch-Druid was due to be naming his successor, what was unknown to everyone but Moonshadow was that Lord Galeron had previously contacted him and asked him to prepare Kip for the news that he was to become a Lord and Warden for the new Kingdom.
The small woodland community was built around the White Willow Tree, a magical hardwood which sat at the centre of the grove – it was said to have restorative powers.
In residence were the other Druids of the Grove, Dryads and fey folk as well as Boreal Wolves. There was much in the way of singing and dancing, but when the time came for Moonshadow to reveal his successor, he was barely into his speech before animals came bursting through the trees in panic and were followed by a group of two dozen raging Wood Giants.

The Giants blundered in, incredibly aggressive and trying to destroy everything and kill everyone. They were uncontrollable and with the more peaceful fey folk running in all directions it was left up to the Druids to fend them off. Forming up under Moonshadow’s direction, the Druids set up a counter-attack and although originally slowed It became clear that they were enchanted the giants could not flee even when they began to lose some of their number. During the fight Moonshadow took a terminal blow from a tree-sized club and is knocked out of the fight. Between Killburn and an old childhood friend now fully grown – Loraella Falconsflight, a fellow druid – the giants were finally defeated even though they fought to the death. By the end of the battle only four druids remain, plus the mortally wounded Moonshadow who had been taken to his hut.

Suffering wounds far too extensive to healed conventionally, the Arch-Druid proclaims he does not want to be healed using magic and felt that his time was at an end. On his deathbed, Moonshadow explained to Kip that he had a destiny far from White Willow Grove, that he wasi to head into the land that was once Rhakor and help to fight back the corruption that has been left in the wake of the Titans. He proclaimed Loraella Falconsflight as the new Arch-Druid of the Northern Forests, and Kip as the Arch-Druid of the Fallen Kingdom. The group were interrupted by a Brownie who said that he followed the trail of destruction the giants left and found Humans and strange machines planning for another assault. He mentioned the machines had a symbol of a cog wheel behind a felled log, which Moonshadow recognized as the logo on “Ironbark Logging”, a logging company he chased off those same lands years before. Just before he expired he gets Killburn to promise he will head to the city of Karsek and aid the new Lords as they leave for the Fallen Kingdom.

After his death, Loraella asks for his help in defeating the Ironbark Loggers.

Killburn, Lorealla, the remaining White Willow Druids, Boreal Wolves and Dryads took the battle to the Ironbark Mercenaries, the rest of the enchanted Giants they have under their thrall, and the Sorcerer responsible for the attack: Kenneth Owens.
Though a tough fight (especially considering the Ironbark Mercenaries had industrial machines on their side), the Druids of Whitewillow were on the offensive rather than defending their sacred grove and a collection of druidic guardians bringing vengeance on an enemy of nature is a sight to behold. Under the command of Arch-Druid Falconsflight the Ironbark Mercenaries were slaughtered to the last man, and it was Killburn who personally ended Owen’s life to balance the snuffing out of Moonshadow’s spark by his order.

With the Ironbark mercenaries dispatched, Killburn left his once brothers and sisters to continue their retribution upon the logging company, and made good on his old masters’ dying wish as he said his goodbyes and headed to the city of Karsek.
From there he would step across the border into a land that needed purifying and bringing back to nature…


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