Lady Jancaryn Nightraider

High Priestess of [Kingdom Name]


Race: Half-Orc
Role: High Priestess (of Hanglr)
Role Bonus: +3 Stability
Class: Cleric

Though beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder, for a half-orc Lady Jancaryn Nightraider possesses a feral beauty despite her lineage and the scarring she has down the left-hand side of her face. With eyes and hair of blood, she is a slim but powerfully-built woman who holds her head high, challenging anyone to question her devotion to her Gods or her cause. Usually seen in chipped and battle-worn but meticulously cared-for armour or in her priestly robes, Lady Nightraider proudly displays her symbol of Hanglr emblazoned somewhere upon her outfit.
A little shorter than the average half-orc female at 5ft 8inches, she is nevertheless lithe and fast, both in word and deed.


Unlike many Half-Orcs, Jancaryn was not conceived of violence, but rather of a love affair between a local barmaid (Aluthana Gellantara, her mother) and a Half-Orc Adventurer (Jameak Nightraider, her father). Though the two were very much in love, Jameak did not survive the next adventure he embarked upon. Devestated, but with child, her mother ended up quitting her job in the local tavern, but soon found she could not cope with bringing up a non-human child and so “donated” the infant “Janny” to the local temple of The Twelve.

The young girl spent a life cloistered away with the other priests and priestesses who saw her lineage as a non-issue, compared to the townsfolk that the Temple was on the outskirts of. As she grew older Jancaryn began to notice how the common folk treated her differently, and she became curious. Sneaking out of the of the Temple one night she was unlucky enough to run across three of the teenage boys of the local town who, drunk on mead, saw the exotic young beauty (for a half-orc Jancaryn was remarkably attractive) as a sexual conquest and attacked her. Having had no sexual experience and unsure what was going on, the young girl (only fourteen at this point) assumed their clumsy advances were life-threatening and reacted in-kind; her Orc blood boiling to the surface. In the struggle one of the boys was killed, and another injured, but not before he was able to hit her around the side of the face with a lit torch, painfully burning the side of her face.

Limping back to the Temple Jancaryn explained what happened to the head priest who, fearful for the retribution of the townsfolk, helped smuggle the half-orc girl out of the local area that night and to the Capital where she could hide among the masses. Reclaiming her life as a priestess of The Twelve, Jancaryn struggled with city life and instead enlisted to become a Cleric. The night before her initiation she was visited in a dream by the God Hanglr who told her than the two boys who had tried to rape her had been brought to justice, and had paid for their crimes.
The next morning, when Jancaryn was sworn into the service of the Clerical arm of The Clergy, she changed her oaths to follow Hanglr rather than The Twelve. It was unusual but not unheard of, so the Archbishop allowed it, and she became a Cleric of Hanglr.

From that moment onward Jancaryn embraced rather than avoided her Orc heritage and learned to fight and to defend herself, as well as follow the ways of Hanglr and provide support to others. She spent some time acting as a Battlefield Medic in the Royal Enotian Army, where she served with distinction under Lord Lamont Galeron and Lord Ianhorn Runehouse, the latter of whom requested her to represent the Church of Twelve on the expedition into the Rhakonian Badlands. Now the High Priestess of the fledgling Kingdom, Lady Jancaryn Nightraider brings the word of The Twelve into the forbidden lands.

Lady Jancaryn Nightraider

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