Lady Rhialla


Race: Aasimar (Enotian)
Role: (Companion Character)
Role Bonus: N/A
Class: Slayer

The lady Rhialla is without doubt incredibly beautiful and very fit, a stunning red head with almost luminous green eyes, she works directly for Lord Karinion Nallmiel, her primary function is to look like a lady in waiting or occasionally a courtesan but in reality she is a most competent bodyguard and an occasional information gatherer, An Aasimar of the Azata Blooded type she has a lillend in her family history, this shows when she plays the Harp which she’s very good at . She always wears a suit of Glamoured skin tight Studded Darkleaf Leather armour the appearance of which she varies as required to pass without comment, a specially made version of Heywards handy haversack hidden by the armour conceals 2 revolvers (along with 2 reloads for each) and a pair of masterwork daggers within 30 ft she is very dangerous indeed, when travelling she wears a cloak of resistance.



Lady Rhialla

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