Lord Karinion Nallmiel

Royal Enforcer of [Kingdom Name]


Race: E’bari
Role: Royal Enforcer
Role Bonus:
Class: Paladin of Ki

Born to an Eb’ari mother and Human father Karinion Nallmiel is somewhat reticent when it comes to revealing anything of his early life, saying merely that his mother bought him up in a small village in Enotia.
What there is no doubt about is that he must have been an exceptional child for he carries a very rare Eb’ari made blade, since no elves have hunted him down for its return, it is (justifiably) assumed that he earned the right to carry it, it was with this blade that he saved the 15 year old, future Queen Eldeatia, earning himself the gratitude of the Royal Family and a knighthood, it is also whispered that he was granted an unrestricted pardon for any previous crimes, although once again the details of this act of heroism are a closely guarded secret, what is known is that on her inheriting the throne the Queen granted him the title of Baron of the Court and a member of her personal retinue, although his exact tasks are unknown he has frequently been seen accompanying the Queen when she has travelled to the outlying regions of Enotia.


At around the time of his knighthood something occurred that changed him dramatically, just what happened or why is again uncertain for he rarely talks about himself, but he became a Paladin, not of one God but of all twelve (a Paladin of Ki) devoting several years to studying the holy texts whilst at the same time learning how to get along with as many people as possible, he has become an accomplished theologian and diplomat, whilst at the same time increasing his skill at arms, in addition to his Eb’ari blade he also carries a heavy calibre double barreled pistol with which he is an excellent shot, preferring the heavier rifle sized ammunition to the repeating shots of a more compact revolver commonly carried by the military officers of Enotia.


Lord Karinion Nallmiel

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