Lord Regent Lamont Galeron

Ruler of {Kingdom Name]


Race: Human (Enotian)
Role: Ruler
Role Bonus: +4 Stability
Class: Cavalier (Order of the Lion)

A large and imposing man, Lord Galeron tends to hold the attention of everyone around him, due partly to his noble bearing but equally to a lifetime of being a leader of men. Patient and calm, he treats most social interactions with a degree of minimalism and has the demeanor of a man who is constantly grim and serious. Though it is not always the case, the aging commander comes across as the no-nonsense career military man that he is.
A lifetime of conflict and difficult decisions have definitely made him into a hardened individual, and he treats others with the respect he feels they deserve, gauging a man by his actions rather than reputation or breeding.
Standing at a little over six feet in height and heavy set, age has done little to slow Galemont, a presumption he enjoys exploiting in others as frequently as possible. A Husband and a father, Galemont sees the military as his second family, and is very protective of the men and women under his command. Though brought up primarily around Humans he sees a soldier as a soldier regardless of race and was well known among the Enotian Military as being a promoter of mixed-species regiments. He is married to Lady Elissa Galeron, and is the father of Lady Viktoria Galeron.


The middle of three sons born into House Galeron under Lord Conner Galeron and Lady Narella Galeron (long since passed), Lamont held the difficult position of his elder brother Euryalus being given more responsibility and his younger brother Robun getting more attention and affection. Learning to internalize his thoughts and emotions early, the young Lord was nevertheless expected to follow the training and etiquette laid out by his family for generations and staunchly upheld by this father.
Joining the Enotian army when he was eighteen, Lamont served in His Majesty’s Armed Forces under King Aseos I for many years, rising through the ranks with distinction. Though the House of Galeron and the current Royal Family Line of House Gelrig have always traditionally been rivals, Lamont served the crown faithfully as did his father before him, engaging in many military campaigns against Midian forces and even a brief civil war within the country.

A consummate soldier and professional, Lamont would spend years away from home at a time on various military conquests in service of the crown, but this kept him away from the inner-workings of the capital and the political power-plays that went on there. When he received word from his elder brother Euryalus (who had entered into politics with the death of their father and who spoke for the entire of House Galeron by this point) which stated that King Aseos had begun to grow reclusive and strange, Lamont suspected it had to do with the magical longevity that his Magisters provided him with, but was unable to return from his current campaign for two more years.
Upon returning back to the capital he found his House name in disrepute, with Euryalus missing and his younger brother Robun trying to maintain the House despite his lack of political knowledge. Brought before the King to congratulate him on a successful military campaign, Lamont found that Euryalus’ words about the King were not over-exaggerated; he had grown erratic, paranoid and haggard, a shadow of his former self. The King stated that Euryalus had tried to assassinate him and as such had been executed to maintain the honour of House Galeron, and the grief-stricken Lamont returned to the family estate whereupon Robun explained the truth: Euryalus was not dead but in hiding, and it was the King who had tried to kill Lamont’s elder brother, not the other way around. Euryalus had advised the King against keeping information about the investigation of Rhakor to himself, and the King had reacted violently.

Unable to move against the King but struggling to see his beloved country slip into decay at the hands of a madman, Lamont was happy to lead another military campaign when the prospect arose along Enotia’s northern borders against a staggeringly-large barbarian horde that was beginning to amass there.
After getting word via carrier-pidgeon that King Aseos I had died in 80 AR, Lamont pushed the barbarians back and returned to Enotia-proper in late 81 AR. Finding the King replaced by his much more stable and beloved daughter Eldeatia, he pledged his sword to her as he did his father, yet the new Queen was infinitely more capable of rule, despite her relatively young age.

Euryalus emerged from hiding within weeks of the Queens’ coronation and as he had suspected, she held him no ill will; proclaiming her late father “not of his right mind” when he had branded Euryalus Galeron a traitor, and restored his position as her advisor.
It was upon Euryalus’ endorsement that Lamont was chosen to lead the expedition in the lands that used to be Rhakor, fully supported by the Queen who provided funds from the treasury to aid in Lord Galerons’ reclamation of a land once held as an ally to Enotia.
Lord Galeron has taken to taming the Rhakorian Badlands as he does every major life event: as a challenge that he faces head on. Working with his brother to hand-pick a collection of suitable council members to aid him in his latest endeavor, the grizzled veteran is a perfect choice to establish a foothold in the forgotten lands to the south.

Lord Regent Lamont Galeron

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