Lord Ianhorn Runehouse

Treasurer of [Kingdom Name]


Race: Dwarf
Role: Treasurer
Role Bonus: +3 Economy
Class: Alchemist

A no-nonsense, grounded engineer, Lord Runehouse cares little for his title or position of power beyond what it can allow him to achieve: invent, refine and upgrade pretty much anything he can put his mind to. Though he very much respects and understands Lord Galeron’s position, the two have been friends for many years (Runehouse being an battlefield chemist in the Human Commander’s platoon) and the two share a bond which equates to Runehouse being the only person in the Lord’s Council who can actually reprimand him. Though he does this rarely, it is often quite a sight to watch. Originally born in the “Shallows” of Mor-Denoch, Runehouse and his family moved to Entotia in 1 AR following the events of The Reckoning, and have lived there ever since. When not involved in some form of technologically-based endeavor, Runehouse handles all the major financial transactions associated with the Kingdom, and is officially the Treasurer. However, monetary matters comes as easy to him as mathematics, and as such it is very natural for him to grasp and maintain, leaving him considerable time for his other pursuits.


Born shortly after the second Mor-Denoch Civil War, Lord Runehouse was born into a house of smiths and alchemists, and carried on the traditions of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Taking over the family business upon reaching fifty years of age, he quickly established himself as a top-class engineer with a flair for adaptive methodologies; able to find new uses for old tech and to upgrade devices to make them more efficient than their original designs.

When his Grandfather (the then leader of the Runehouse Clan) decided to move the family from the Shallows of Mor-Denoch on the borders of Rhakor following the events of The Reckoning, the entire family re-located to the Kingdom of Enotia, settling in the Capital where they set themselves up as blacksmiths, alchemists and gunsmiths.
Though he tolerated this lifestyle for a time, Ianhorn found it too restrictive and repetitive and instead signed himself up to the Enotian Royal Army and was placed in the platoon of an up-and-coming Human commander. After a few run-ins with the Commander over how he could more efficiently run his outfit (he didn’t know any better, he was a Human; one of the younger races after all), he gained the Dwarves respect when he personally waded into a melee where his men were being over-run by Midian soldiers and managed to not only save his men, but rally the orc and hobgoblin troops with only minor injuries received to himself.

That man was Lamont Galeron, and when the Enotian crown was passed from Father to Daughter, and his Commander was asked to set up a forward base in the Rhakonain Badlands, Runehouse was at his side before he even had to ask.

Lord Ianhorn Runehouse

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