Work for that which you want,
Receive that which you earn

God of Wealth & Harvest

Holy Colour: His is the colour YELLOW, of coin and corn.
Alignment: LN
Domains: Artifice, Charm, Knowledge, Luck, Weather.
Favoured Weapon: Sickle
Centers of Worship: Enotia, Kajir, sometimes Midian.

Apovar (pronounced ‘Ap-o-varr’) is said to reside in a vast golden estate within the realm of Valael, a sprawling and gleaming testament to his wealth and glory. When most mortals think of the heavenly description of the Godsrealm, it is of Apovar’s personal estate that most envisage. His home is the least abstract of the God’s domains and when the Gods must hold council with one another and their Angelic Hosts, it is among the many grand palaces that Apovar has at his disposal that such meetings are conducted.
Apovar sees material wealth as a sense of a beings’ worth and a suitable goal for any mortal to aspire to. As such he sets that example in everything he does, sprinkling wealth with the very touch of his fingertips. The Vault-Keeper expects the same from his followers, to always strive to get more of what makes them happy, usually gold. While he does not turn away from those without wealth, he does not look too fondly upon those without who do not want for more.

Like all the Gods, Apovar’s visage changes depending upon who looks upon him, though he tends to look like the same species that sees him, and is almost always male in appearance. He is always obese, covered in excessive amount of jewelry, and is usually grinning or at least smiling. Donned in yellows and golds, he is usually found wearing long flowing robes which helps hide or at least break up his large form.
The God of Wealth’s core beliefs are simple: earn or gain as much as you can, material wealth can and does make you happy. Learn as much as you can to help you get more but remember that a healthy dose of luck and the ability to bring others round to your way of thinking will always bring you prosperity. Lastly, winds change: be adaptable.
Though little is known about Apovar’s role during the Titanswar, he was noted as being a much more capable fighter than even his followers believed during The Reckoning. Growing to enormous height and girth, he battered the Titans with slow, powerful swings of his golden sickle, digging deep into the flesh and bringing the gargantuan Titans down low.

Apovar is one of the Gods who visits mortals often and via a physical manifestation avatar. He takes great joy in sending potential heroes on perilous, glory-ridden quests which he enjoys watch unfold for his personal amusement. He is quite a fickle God however, and will sometimes put deliberately overly-powerful opponents or potentially disastrous hazards in the chosen heroes way. Should they succeed his somewhat over-zealous trials however, he is more than happy to reward them with considerable wealth, magical items or other boons of his favour. While he enjoys interacting with mortals, his greatest pleasure comes from seeing how they react to various situations.
Apovar’s Herald is a massive Divine Golden Dragon known as Audraleth who guards his estates in Valael, but when dispatched on Tulun is as obsessed with amassing a hoard of gold to bring back to Valael as he is with following his masters instructions. His Angelic Host is made up of Choral Angels who Apovar sends to Tulun to interact with mortals when he has no interest or need to send a manifestation. In times of war his Choral Angels are sent to inspire and bolster their fellows as healers and soldiers.

Apovar generally does not like or dislike any of the other Gods in the Pantheon of the Twelve, but does enjoy having them owe him favours. Due to the fact his resources literally know no bounds, he can provide his divine brothers and sisters with whatever they need, whenever they need it. Though he has a somewhat chaffing personality due to his frivilous ways and pre-occupation with gaining wealth, he is undoubtedly one of the most called-upon Gods and he is well aware of that fact.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

Priests of Apovar are mostly Clerics and Bards who are involved in raising money for the Church (but more specifically Apovar), and some Church Inquisitors are funded by the money raised through Apovar. Many of these Inquisitors sometimes also work as somewhat overzealous debt collectors for the Church in-between searching out truly evil foes. There are a few rare Apovar Paladins (primarily because Paladins tend to avoid the collecting of material wealth), and no Druids are considered among the Apovar Clergy.

The opulence and over-extravagance connected with some aspects of the Church can be traced back to the Clergy of Apovar: for a religion which cites that closeness to God comes from material wealth and gain it is hardly surprising to find they have the largest and most grandiose temples, cathedrals and shrines. It is this wealth that has allowed The Church of the Twelve to become the dominant religion on the planet, and it is that which stopped the Church from disappearing entirely when people lost faith in religion as a whole during the late Dark Era and the Industrial Era.

Apovar is worshiped by people from all walks of life, from the poor who wish to get some measure of wealth to the wealthy who wish to keep it and everyone in-between. Many Bards, Fighters, Magus, Rogues and Wizards worship him specifically, some for personal gain and others in the hopes of gaining enough wealth to continue their endeavors.

Apovar is also very popular among merchants of all kinds and is prayed to regularly to oversee important business negotiations, and many priests of Apovar have high ranking positions in or are sponsors for, various city banks.

Holy rites and ceremonies among Apovar are rigorously complex affairs, are full of ritual and intricate details, with the symbolic exchange of gold featuring heavily in proceedings. To those not indoctrinated into the Apovar Clergy they can seem unnecessarily complex and feel more like a judicial hearing than a religious event.

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