The Barbarian Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, p31. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Barbarians of Tulun: “Barbarian”, “Wilder”, “Beserker”, “Raider”, “Marauder”, “Bandit”, “Plainswalker”. All these names and more are banded about by those people who live within the confines of civilization, safe behind tall stone walls, gas-lit hearths and comfortable beds. Few realize the complexity, struggle and often savage nobility that guides the life of the Barbarian: a warrior of the wild places able to survive in the harsh and vast wilderness that exists between the Kingdoms. Only Rangers with their ability to track the rural landscape, Druids with their affinity for the unspoiled places of the world and Witches who mostly live upon the fringes of acceptable society ever truly come close to understanding the heart of the Barbarian.

Either knowing no other life or eschewing the trappings of the industrial world, Barabarians tend to be nomadic in nature, travelling alone or in small close-knit family groups. Usually quite spiritual, most follow the Gods (ether individual deities or The Twelve in an older fashion than the Church) and consider most to be powerful spirits. Their society is a tribal one where personal honour, glory and loyalty to family are paramount and where survival often means doing things most city-dwellers might consider base or savage.

Though these people refer to themselves by their family names, the misconception of “Barbarian” implies that all are of the same ilk which is not necessarily true. In their society Barbarians are powerful warriors who possess the ability to invoke a powerful blood-lust rage which empowers them for a short amount of time but allows them to vanquish foes which appear far more powerful than them. Most non-barbarians are unable to recognize the difference between these rage-warriors and the rest of the Wild Folk until their fury is loosed in combat.

Though Barbarians can be found anywhere where there is wilderness in Tulun the greatest number of true “Barbarians” can be found in the South, in the kingdom of Midian. Despite the extreme disciplinarian regime of the Hobgoblin War Machine, Wild Folk often live in large tribes which produce several barbarian warriors. These tribes are supported by the cities of the south by means of food and help with shelter, and in return many of the greater warriors head to the Midian cities to seek their fortune among the military forces there. Though unpredictable and considerably less disciples than the Fighters who make up the majority of the Midian Armed Forces, Barbarians are prized for their durability and raw fighting strength and are often deployed as shock troops to break enemy formations.

-Barbarians of Enotia: By far the largest collection of Barbarians in the land of Enotia come from the frigid far north, around and beyond the Peaks of The World Mountains. They are a hardy and superstitious lot who have adapted to the colder climes and a difficult life. Often highly aggressive and passionate, they are hard to kill and move with terrible speed and ferocity.

Barbarians of Kajir: Barbarians are quite rare in the West, and those that do exist tend to be refugees from the Rift that never made it to the floating Kingdom of Kajir and instead took up residence on many of the smaller Islands in the Emerald Ocean. Most are jungle or archipelago-dwelling peoples who live in small tribal communities.

Barbarians of Mor-Denoch: There are not many Barbarians beneath the earth, and those that there are were created for that purpose: cast-offs of failed experiments by Svifneblin genetic experimentations, those that survived either escaped or were discarded and have formed a rag-tag community of mutated individuals. Known as ‘Dwellers’, they skulk the tunnels between the cities and live off scraps or occasionally attack individuals if they go long enough without food and are consumed by their rage.

Barbarians of Midian: The largest concentration of all Barbarians exist in the South, in the land of Midian. Comprised of many hundreds of different tribes, these ‘Wild Folk’ are often rounded up and used as slaves or cannon fodder by the Midian War Machine, and those who do well (read: survive) have the opportunity to receive basic training so that their chance of surviving the next conflict is higher. Barbarian rage is encouraged in the Wild Folk, who are often forced to fight one another for the amusement of their superiors. Almost all Barbarians in Midian are of Orc stock, and Orcs are far and away the main species that make up the Wild Folk.
Barbarians of Omishiru: The term “Barbarian” is a bit misleading when dealing with the people of Omisihiru who are not Imperial Citizens. Living in the wilderness far from the cities, the term “bandit” or “raider” might be more appropriate. Living on their wits these hardy individuals are not as disciplined or ordered as Imperial Forces, but their vigour and hardiness make them more than a match for militia forces and even some Samurai.

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