Death comes for all.

God of Death & The Underworld

Holy Colour: His is the colour WHITE, of all colours combined: death touches all.
Alignment: N
Domains: Death, Knowledge, Nobility, Prose and Void.
Favoured Weapon: Scythe
Centers of Worship: Bethus is worshiped all across the world. Even in Omishuru he is referred to as “The Honoured Guest”.

According to legend the God of Death spends his time within an infinite library contained within a single castle atop a vast shadowy mountain deep in the Underworld. It is said that inside that library are books that contain the names of every mortal soul who has ever lived, is alive or will ever live in the future, however briefly. It is for this reason that Bethus is also known as The Book Keeper.
Known for his cold indifference, Bethus (pronounced ‘Bee-th-Us’) cares little for the passions of mortals or Gods, remaining neutral to the point of seeming almost alien to most mindsets. His is an important job; one of collecting, cataloging and categorizing the souls of the dead, and seeing them on to the next sphere of their existence; be that service in Valael or the Underworld or dissolution into the Ki Stream ready to be reborn.
Of all the Gods only Bethus remains in a single form, seen the same by all who see him: a willowy-thin humanoid male of unknown species with alabaster hairless skin and a perpetually obscured face. Some say his face is always out of focus, others that it is always cast in shadow even in the brightest light and others say there is a void where his face should be. Regardless, Bethus has “no face” and never speaks. He is always seen in long white stainless robes that cover all but his hands, and he carries a large ever-sharp scythe with a marble grip and gleaming onyx blade.

Bethus asks nothing of his followers except to honour and treat the dead (and the memories of the dead) with respect. He is dispassionate in all things with a very matter-of-fact attitude about everything he does, with his only real drive being the destruction of Undead which he sees as an affront to his work.
Bethus was notable absent during the actual conflicts of the Titanswar and the Reckoning, seeing as the Gods and Titans could not actual die, but was recorded on both occasions walking among the dead and collecting the souls of the mortals who perished.
The God of Death is probably the most frequent visitor to Tulun, collecting the souls of very special individuals whose souls must be preserved. His Reapers move invisibly across the world collecting all other souls just before they expire, but Bethus appears frequently as well. He was the only God who didn’t abandon the world during The Dark Age, though he went unrecognized by the people he walked among during that time. Even in the “Godless” land of Omishuru Behtus is known and respected, referred to as “The Honoured Guest” by any who come across him. He is shown reverence and people leave their doors open as he passes as a sign of respect, leaving a glass of chilled water or tea should he wish to stop on his journey. Bethus often appears to those on death’s door, standing silently to one side offering a hand to those who need to leave their mortal bodies.

Bethus’ Herald is Vosalis, also known as The Dark Angel. Vosalis is a Steward of the Skein and like her master cares little for personal feelings of those she comes in contact with. Bethus has only a small Angelic Host compared to the other Gods, consisting of Solar Archons who are his representatives in times of war. His larger ‘force’ consist of Reapers; dead mortals who work in his employ to collect the souls of those about to expire.
Bethus cares little for the affection or machinations of the other Gods, extending his indifference to them as much as the mortals. To him there is only the job of soul preservation and very little else matters to him. He does not like nor hate any of his siblings, and if they harbour any such feelings toward him he cares not in the slightest.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

Bethus Clergy are keepers of the dead. They take their number from dedicated Clerics, Inquisitors and Paladins, and each is steadfastly loyal to the strictures and beliefs of the God of Death. Often somber individuals, the Clerics concern themselves with the funerals of the recently deceased, the comforting of the families and the preservation of the soul, and are often well thought-of members of any community. Paladins and Inquisitors of Bethus both travel the land seeking out and smiting evil, both with a special interest in ending the existence of Undead. While the Paladins of Bethus are seen as quiet champions of good, most common folk avoid the Inquisitors of the Death God due to their cold demeanor and relentless pursuit of their quarry.

Temples, Cathedrals, Mausoleums and Shrines to Bethus are always quiet reflective places and commonly house the bodies of the dead. It is considered disrespectful to be loud or boisterous while in the presence of such places, as they are places where most people go to mourn or be nearer to their departed loved ones.

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