The Deductionist Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Deductionist supplement, by Matt Everhart. You can download a .pdf copy of the class HERE

Deductionists of Tulun: Deductionists are men and women of reason who stem from an age when there was no magic in the world. Thought they accept that magic does in fact exist, they see it as little more than a misunderstood applied science. To their analytical minds all problems have a solution, and they simply do not believe that anything is “impossible”. To quote one of the great deductionists:
When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
Most common in Enotia, Omishiru and the once-kingdom of Rhakor, Deductionists are driven men and women who seek the truth for truths sake. Unlike the Inquisitor who roots out corruption in the name of The Church, Deductionists ferret out the truth and bring it into the light for no other reason that they can, and they believe others have a right to that information.

Some deductionists work for wealthy benefactors, others are part of a larger college or organisation and others still are monster-hunters who seek to capture, kill or study the stranger creatures of the world.

Deductionists of Enotia: First established in the lands of Enotia, Deductionists have since spread across the world with their teachings of reason and scientific methods. Still highly popular and considered a notable profession in the North, most of the worlds’ most famous Deductionists come from cities of Enotia.

Deductionists of Kajir: In the youngest Kingdom in the West, Deductionists are a rare sight, usually in the form of people passing through. In a land so steeped in magic, logic struggles to find a foothold in the hearts and minds of the people, and such a career is usually only undertaken by those who are against the norm and want a more logical life than the one magic can provide.

Deductionists of Mor-Denoch: Despite the high levels of God-fearing individuals and the power of religion and magic in Mor-Denoch, the logical mind is also heavily prized in the Subterranean Kingdom. Individuals who follow the path of the Deductionist often hit barriers and pit-falls they would not encounter in other cultures, chief among them being the Clerics. Because of this, when they succeed they are respected even further. The analytical mind of the Svirfneblin are especially suited to the work of a Deductionist, though Duregar with their practical mindset and the sharp perceptions of the Shen’ari also make great Deductionists.

Deductionists of Midian: These scholars and investigators move easily through the stuctured and predictable patterns of Midian society. Bringing reasoning and patience to many situations, they help to re-inforce the status quo. Almost always Hobgoblins, Midians deductionists enjoy a respect and favour only just below the military elite.

Deductionists of Omishiru: Though quite new to the lands of the East, Deductionists have been gathering quite a following among the people of the Dragon. Their logic-based arguments come across favorably to the mind of most Omishirans, and more than one Lord has hired a Deductionist where once only Inquisitors could have been relied upon, often with very successful results. Though a high spiritual people, the Omishians can respect the ordered mind of a Deductionist and their popularity has exploded over the last ten years.

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