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The Wiki will be up and running soon and if I have my way it’ll probably end up at least have way sensible and easy to navigate. In the meantime, use the following links to get around:

Creating Characters

Use the following list to help build characters:

Character Creation
Core Races
Featured Races
Uncommon Races
House Rules

Ruling a Kingdom

Use the following for the Kingdom Management Rules:

Kingdom Management
Phase 1: Upkeep.
Phase 2: Edict.
Phase 3: Income.
Phase 4: Event.
Kingdom Sequence Cribsheet

World, Geography and Fluff

Use the following list to learn more about the world of Tulun:

Tulun Historical Timeline
The World of Tulun
Kingdom of Enotia (North)
Kingdom of Omishiru (East)
Destroyed Kingdom of Rhakor (Central)
Kingdom of Mor-Denoch (Underground)
Kingdom of Midian (South)
Kingdom of Kajir (West)

Magic, Tech and Gods

Gods & Religion
Magic & Technology

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