New Religious Traits

The Religious Traits as described in the Pathfinder: Ultimate Campaign manual (page 48 onward) do not apply in Domain, primarily because it involved entirely different Gods and Goddess. Instead, when a player gets to Step 3 (“Moral Conflicts, Relationships & Drawbacks”) and get to the section about religion, they have the following 12 Religious Traits to choose from, depending on their religious beliefs:

Apovar: Master of Coin
Baelyne: Heart Strings
Bethus: Death’s Embrace
Chonna: Second Pass
Hanglr: Incorruptible
Imusus: The Long Shadow
Juhemi: Ebb & Flow
Ki: Equilibrium
Lakoth: Spark of Insight
Oeylla: One With The Land
Seonis:* By Any Means*
Talasa: Fickle

Alternatively, you could choose “No Deity” or “Undecided” as described on page 48 of Ultimate Campaign, and you would gain the ‘Tireless Logic’ social trait or ‘Ease of Faith’ religious trait respectively.

New Religious Trait Descriptions:

By Any Means:

You must succeed, not matter what. Everything depends on your goal and you will go to any lengths to ensure it happens.

Benefit: When you set out to achieve a task you gain a +5 Circumstance modifier to your Will save against any attempts to deviate you from your task until you complete it. This modifier only comes into play when something directly opposes your goal, and final discretion as to what falls under this requirement is in the hands of the GM.


Death’s Embrace:

Death has always been a part of your life, you do not fear it and your faith in what comes after is resolute.

Benefit: You gain a +5 Circumstance Will Modifier whenever you face Will (especially Fear) checks surrounding any form of death (including undead. Any fear checks (including magic) with regards to death or undead activate this circumstance modifier. Additionally when dying, you do not receive the usual penalty equal to your hp in minus numbers to the Fort DC (of 10) to stabilize. (In other words you just make a Fort Save, DC 10). You die when you are ordained to, not when someone else feels it is your time.


Ebb & Flow:

You understand that life is movement and change, and can bend and twist with elegance and practiced grace:

Benefit: When not forced to remain still, your movements are very deliberate and constant, though often very subtle. You gain +1 to all Acrobatics checks, and either +1 to Escape Artist checks or Perform: Dance checks. Additionally, you gain a +2 deflection AC bonus to the first melee attack made against you in a combat turn.



Balance exists in all things, especially those who understand and embrace it.

Benefit: You get a +1 Circumstance bonus to FORT, REF or WILL, and you can choose which Save gets this benefit each day. (note this under MISC save in either FORT, REF or WILL at the start of each day).



Your connection to chaos is tangible, but limited. Where others assume only negativity you know that true chaos is change, neither negative nor positive..

Benefit: Once per day, you can cause a single re-roll (yours or anyone else’s) to be re-rolled, and the second roll must be kept whether better or worse.


Heart Strings:

Every now and again you gain a glimpse of someone’s soul by gazing into their eyes:

Benefit: Once per day you can get a +5 Circumstance modifier to either Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidation or Sense Motive (players choice) by gleaning something about the person’s psyche with whom you are conversing. For this to work you must be able to see the person’s eyes (assuming they have eyes), and it can be blocked by any usual attempts to resist charm or mind-altering effects.



Temptations are many, but you have been trained to resist, your cause is greater

Benefit: You gain a +5 Circumstance modifier to WILL saves to resist charm or intimidate checks.


Master of Coin:

Anyone can be bought, and no deal is absolute.

Benefit: You gain a +5 Circumstance modifier to any checks to Appraise, Bluff, Sense Motive or Sleight of Hand checks, but only when negotiating a transaction or deal where money is involved.


One With The Land:

Though people try to convince themselves otherwise, you know that all life no matter how complex or simple, is part of the natural world and you accept your place in that pattern.

Benefit: You gain a +5 bonus to any one of the 3 following skills: Handle Animal, Knowledge: Nature or Survival.


Second Pass:

When it comes to your craft, you are a true perfectionist and will often tinker with something tirelessly until you get it right.

Benefit: Once per day you may re-roll any Craft roll, and automatically keep the better result.


Spark of Insight:

Sometimes you gain flashes of insight which might allow you to achieve something, yet the next moment is lost. You have no idea where these flashes come from.

Benefit: Once per day you get a +5 circumstance modifier to any one skill (players choice) even if you are not trained in it, or have ever used it before. This works for a single roll. Although you can use this Trait once per day, you cannot choose the same skill on 2 consecutive days.


The Long Shadow:

Most consider the darkness something to be feared. You consider it your hunting ground.

Benefit: Whenever you make a Stealth check during the night, for every round you remain stealthed, you gain a +1 cumulative bonus to Stealth checks. This bonus vanishes as soon as you leave stealth, take offensive action, or the sun begins to rise – whichever happens sooner

New Religious Traits

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