The Ranger Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, p64. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Rangers of Tulun: Hunters, Trackers, Scouts and more, Rangers walk the wild places between civilization and like Barbarians, Druids and some Witches they often spend more time out in the wilderness than most “civilized” people would consider wise. Rangers live off the land and are part of its’ delicate system: while many do not seek to preserve the rural areas in the same way that – for example – Druids might, they will not recklessly endanger it either; as it is as much a part of their lives as the quality of metal is to a blacksmith or the validity of information on a scroll is to a Wizard. True survivalists, Rangers are adept at killing when they need to but as a matter of survival rather than sport, and many have animal companions with whom they share a bond greater than many people do their own neighbours in cities and towns. Many Rangers also aid those less experienced at travelling the wild places as guides, scouts and advisers.

Rangers of Enotia: Despite the great leaps of civilisation found in the cities and towns of the Northfolk, Enotia is still primarily a huge unmapped wilderness, especially the further north one travels. Rangers are quite understandably in great need in Enotia not only as guides and trackers but also as scouts for war-parties. Having the same knowledge as Barbarians and Druids when it comes to the wilderness but a lot more lenient when dealing with urban folk, Rangers make the vital connection between the civilised and uncivilised lands in the North.

Rangers of Kajir: Rangers of Kajir are always in high demand, especially to foreigners due to the complex and varied Kajir landscape. A place of elemental extremes, many face wilderness that is like nowhere else in the world, and the Rangers of Kajir know how to navigate them safely. Often hired by merchants or rich individuals to travel from city to city, Rangers are never especially short of work if they wish for it.

Rangers of Mor-Denoch: Rangers in Mor-Denoch are generally scouts and tunnel-runners who spend much of their time exploring and charting the labyrinthine tunnels between the grand cities beneath the earth. One of the most common of Mor-Denochians to also travel to the surface regularly, and they are often the first advance units send ahead in times of war, regardless of whether it is one underground city laying siege to another or the forces of Mor-Denoch rising to the surface to face a new enemy.

Rangers of Midian: Trackers, hunters and wilderness guides have always had a place within the savage frontiers of Midian. Any advancing army needs scouts and any invasion needs irregulars and commandos to perform missions when a full armoured division would not be appropriate. Resourceful, skilled and stealthy, Rangers are a valued member of military units and their abilities mean they are always needed within the empire for various endeavours.

Rangers of Omishiru: Rangers are commonplace in Omishiru, but act mostly as guides for travellers. To those who do not wish to enter the military but still hold a degree of martial power in their lives, the role of a Ranger is one that appeals to many. Only ever really expected to serve their Kingdom in times of war as scouts, the vast majority of the time Rangers are allowed to travel where they please, offering their services for coin. Being on the fringe of Imperial Society however, they carry no social status and are expected to show courtesy to those who are in higher station than themselves.

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