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Goddess of Chaos & Choice

Holy Colour: Hers is the colour PURPLE, of madness.
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Liberation, Luck, Madness, Trickery.
Favoured Weapon: Chakram
Centers of Worship: Mor-Denoch, Enotia and Kajir.

Talasa (pronounced ‘Tal-a-Sah’) wanders the Godsrealm of Valael and has no home to call her own. Like Juhemi she is almost always on the move, and rarely stays still for long. Also known as “The Mad Goddess”, Talasa often talks to herself and in fact possesses many personalities – the difference between her and someone with multiple personality disorder being that all are present at once, and her main dominant personality is in control…. this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t seek counsel with the others nor simply enjoys chatting to them however.
Most commonly seen as either a humanoid female or in the form of a massive one-hundred foot tall Legendary Chimera, she is recognizable by her shock of purple hair (or mane) and her violet eyes as well as the fact she is always talking to someone – usually herself.

Talasa expects nothing from her followers, and that is more complex that is sounds. As the Goddess of Chaos and Choice, she literally ‘expects’ nothing, which is to say she does not influence how her followers act at all. If anything, her followers are encouraged to follow their own path, make their own choices and come to their own conclusions.
It is through this seeming disconnection with her followers that perhaps explains Talasa’s popularity however; she asks very little of her followers, yet will always offer reflection on all sides of an argument or decision when asked. Though she will never present an ‘answer’ to someone who asks her advice (she encourages the same in her followers), she will always present all the options so that they can make an informed decision.
During the Titanswar Talasa was at first seemingly hesitant to enter combat, then suddenly entered the fray with incredible gusto, using her Chakram to catch the gigantic Titans off-guard and cause them to stumble. During the Reckoning she was a lot more resolved, but moved around the battlefield with such speed and seemingly at random that her brothers and sisters had no hope of relying on her for help, instead hoping that wherever she was at that precise moment she was doing some good toward their fight.

Talasa visits mortals seemingly at random, usually with bizarre or unfathomable requests. Of all the Gods she is the most difficult for mortals to familiarize with, and the most wise among her followers have learnt that to question her motives are to court madness. The Goddess of Chaos and Choice appears to mortals however she pleases, as often in spirit or dream form as she does physical manifestation. There is no pattern to her behaviour in this way, and as such one is not always sure they are at first even being visited by the Goddess. Each meeting with her is different, and her appearance can be literally anything. She is not beyond using even inanimate objects to represent herself. The only true tell-tale sign with Talasa, in fact her only real constant, is the fact she talks to herself incessantly unless addressing someone directly. Be it in whispers, normal speaking voice or shouting, she is never quiet for very long.

Talasa’s Herald is the Arcanotheign, an ever-curious creature who the Goddess seems to have no interest in controlling or guiding. It travels at its own will, doing as it pleases, but will always follow its mistress’ instruction on the rare occasion they gives one.
Talasa’s Angelic Host is made up of Trumpet Archons who have the dubious honour of speaking on the Goddess’ behalf. The only creatures with the serenity and patience to even begin to understand Talasa’s wishes, they are her voice and represent her not only on Tulun but also in the Godsrealm of Valael.

The Goddess of Chaos and Choice has a complex relationship with her divine brothers and sisters, wavering from ignoring them entirely to infuriating them to giving them moments of contemplative pause. She often finds herself at loggerheads with her brother Hanglr who seems so stuck in his ways, and Lakoth who seems insistent on trying ‘understand’ her.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

The priests of Talasa are an unusual bunch, in so far as the fact that each one is different and answers to nobody but themselves. There is no such thing as a temple to the Godess of Chaos and Choice, though she and her followers are recognized in scripture and hymns during Church services.

Made up entirely or Clerics only, Talasa’s Clergy are a law unto themselves but travel the land preaching the importance of choice and the freedom to choose to any who will listen. Due to their credo of offering the best in choices to others they are often employed as impartial mediators of disputes, seeing as they have no interest or bias in any given situation beyond all sides being as informed as they can be to come to their own conclusions.
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