Mechanically-speaking, Taranukk in Pathfinder: Domain are identical to those found in the Races of Faeurn Guide p123. Full Racial information is also described below.

XP Cost: 21,000

Tulun Taranuuk: These demon blooded orc hybrids are one of the more stable and successful alchemical experiments performed by Midian’s Goblins. Effectively a variant of Tiefling, their demon blood has been intensified to make them stronger, faster, smarter and more resistant to fire and magic. However, this has also made them more rash and harder to control than regular Orcs. Each one is created from a willing Orc subject as a manner of reward rather than born, a deliberate inhibitor created by the authorities of Midian. Many Tanarukk are mid level officers in military commands to best utilise their strengths.

Place of Origin: As subjects of Goblin experimentation, all Tanaruuk are created in specific conditions, among them being point of origin. All are from the southern Kingdom of Midian, without exception.

Physical Description: Tanarukks have a fairly uniform appearance, resembling short, stocky orcs with stooped postures. Their hair is coarse, whether on their heads or the odd patches that grow on other parts of their bodies. They have sharp teeth and prominent lower tusks, with their lower jaw protruding farther than their small snouts. Their eyes are red and glow when angry. Their foreheads are low and ridged with horn or scales; their skin varies from gray-green to dun brown.
Tanarukks have the same life expectancy and age categories as an orc. They use the dwarf height and weight ranges.


  • +4 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom, -4 Charisma
    Tanarukks are strong and agile but have short attention spans and aggressive natures
  • Medium Size. Tanarukks are squat, but broad, like a Dwarf.
  • Tanarukk land speed is 20ft. Never modified by armour or encumbrance.
  • Darkvision up to 60ft.
  • Fire Resistance 10. Due to their semi-demonic natures, Tanarukk’s are innately resistant to fire and intense heat.
  • Spell Resistance of 11+ class level, a by-product of their home plane.
  • +4 Natural Armour: Tanarukk’s hide is tough and leathery, and hard to pierce.
  • Proficient with one type of martial weapons (Choose at character creation).
  • Tanarukks are Outsiders, originally from The Fiendish Planes surrounding Faerun.
  • Natural Attack: A Tanarukk may use his bite as a natural attack doing 1D6 damage.
  • Control Flame: (sp): Tanarukks can cause non-magical within 10ft of them to diminish to the level of coals or flare to the brightness of daylight and double the normal radius of illumination. This ability does not change the heat output or fuel consumption of the fire source, lasts 5 minutes, and may be done once per day. They use this ability as 5th level Sorcerers.
  • Weapon Familiarity: Tanarukk are proficient with greataxes and treat weapons with ‘orc’ in the title as martial weapons.

Society: Of all the planetouched, tanarukks are the only ones with a large and thriving society, for not even the tieflings have numbers comparable to the tribes of fiend-touched orcs. Of course, tanarukk society is a mixture of orc and demon society, which means that they act like orcs infused with supernatural evil power. However, unlike typical orc society, the strong influence of the hobgoblins involved in the organising program has moderated the chaotic tendencies, resulting in a culture where warriors are treated much better than slaves.
Tanarukk females who give birth to many strong young can earn a measure of respect for themselves and carry some influence over their mates.
Like orcs, tanarukks perform ritual scarring on themselves and each other, particularly as part of adulthood rites. Because they are resistant to fire, many scarring rituals use acid or jagged weapons. Others have iron jewelry or weapons (such as tanarukk battle gauntlets) hammered into place around their limbs while still hot, fusing the item in place when it cools, which prevents theft without killing the tanarukk first.

Relations: Even more so than common orcs, tanarukks consider other races weaker than themselves. Only hobgoblins and demons gain any respect from the tanarukks, and only because they usually have power to back up their commands. Tanarukks are prone to torture and then eat any intelligent humanoid that crosses their path. After centuries of service to the tanar’ri, they are quite conversant with painful methods of torture and not above eating parts of their victim while it is still alive. Tanarukks are particularly hateful toward nim’ari and shen’ari, given that the weakest tanarukk is more than a match for a half dozen common elfkin.
Tanarukks see orcs and half-orcs as valuable allies but of lesser status than the tanarukks themselves. Any such allies usually end up coerced into mixing with the tanarukk tribe to create an even more numerous next generation of demonic progeny.

Alignment and Religion: Tanarukks in Tulun used to venerate demon worship openly and without fear of retribution until it was frowned upon by their Hobgoblin leaders. It was declared that only worship of Chonna, Hanglr or most commonly Seonis was acceptable, as was the common state of affairs in Midian. Despite this, many tanarukk still worship Demonkind in secret.

Adventuerers: Most of the wiser tanarukks are barbarians or fighters, although a fair number are sorcerers infused with the fiendish bloodline. Some multiclass as barbarian/sorcerers, using their limited sorcerer ability to augment their physical prowess. Less rage-prone tanarukks tend to be fighters or rangers.

Male Names: Ulruk, Grak, Scal, Rothuk, Grimk, Larg,
Female Names: Scree, Hecah, Sarlish, Erak, Merithka, Avaraxi

Favoured Class Options:

Barbarian: Add +1 to the barbarian’s total number of rage rounds per day.

Fighter: Add +2 to the Fighter’s Constitution score for the purpose of determining when he dies from negative hit points.

Sorcerer: Add +1/2 point of fire damage to spells that deal fire damage cast by the sorcerer.

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