Uncommon Races Backgrounds


Uncommon Races Backgrounds:

Note: Dracen use the same Background Generator tables as Humans, found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Human” with “Dracen”.


  • Changelings use the same Background Generator tables as Humans, found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Human” with “Changeling”.
  • Duergar use the same Background Generator tables as Dwarves, found on page 16 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Dwarf” with “Duregar”. In addition, on Table 1-1, they automatically start with “Unusual Homeland: Subterranean”.
  • Gillmen use the Human table found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the word “Human” with “Gillmen”. If “Unusual Homeland” is rolled, it is almost always “Sea”.
  • Grippli use the same Background Generator tables as Humans, found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Human” with “Grippli”. In addition, on table 1-19 Grippli always start with “Unusual Homeland: River, Swamp or Wetlands”.
  • Kitsune use the same Background Generator tables as Humans, found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Human” with “Kitsune”.
  • Merfolk use the Human table found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Most automatically start with “Another Plane”, under Table 1-24: Unusual Homeland found on p.20 of Ultimate Campaign. They come from the Plane of Water.
  • Nagaji use the same Background Generator tables as Humans, found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Human” with “Nagaji”.
  • Samsarans use the same Background Generator tables as Humans, found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Human” with “Samsarans”.
  • Strix use the same Background Generator tables as Humans, found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Human” with “Strix”.
  • Suli use the Human table found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Most automatically start with “Another Plane”, under Table 1-24: Unusual Homeland found on p.20 of Ultimate Campaign. They come from the Plane of Air, Earth, Fire or Water – players choice.
  • Svirfneblin use the same Background Generator tables as Gnomes, found on page 17 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Gnome” with “Svirfneblin”. In addition, on table 1-7, all Svirfneblin begin with “Unusual Homeland: Subterranean”.
  • Tanaruuk use the same Background Generator tables as Humans, found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the worlds “Human” with “Tanarukk”
  • Vanara use the same Background Generator tables as Humans, found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Human” with “Vanara”. Additionally, on table 1-19 all Vanara automatically start with “forest”, under Table 1-24: Unusual Homeland found on p.20 of Ultimate Campaign.
  • Vishkanya use the same Background Generator tables as Humans, found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Simply replace the words “Human” with “Vishkanya”.
  • Wayangs use the Human table found on page 19 of Ultimate Campaign. Most automatically start with “Another Plane”, under Table 1-24: Unusual Homeland found on p.20 of Ultimate Campaign. They come from the Plane of Shadow.


Class Backgrounds:

First of all, roll on the tables associated with your Class (found in Ultimate Campaign, starting on page 25) if your class is Alchemist, Barbarian, Bard, Cavalier, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Gunslinger, Inquisitor, Magus, Monk, Oracle, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Summoner, Witch or Wizard. If your class is an Antipaladin, Deductionist, Ninja or Samurai, use the following tables:

Table 1-52: Antipaldin Backgrounds:
Very few Antipaldins are born into the role, as very few species have a disposition toward evil. Most have the capacity to go either way however, but where the Paladin is an embodiment of goodness, the Antipaladin is their opposite. Like Paladins however, Antipaladins often answer the call following some monumental life event that changes their perspective.

01 – 10%: Fall From Grace: You were one of the best. Among your brothers and sisters of the Order you represented everything they aspired to: good, pious, incorruptible, devoted. People sung songs of your bravery, and you were a true champion of your God. As a Paladin, you were a beacon for light in the darkness and so the cut was all the deeper, more personal and paradigm-shattering when you fell from grace. Something happened in your past so terrible that you turned your back on your God, the ways of Good and the suffering of others so completely that the way back is almost inconceivable. Even if you could find your way back, you don’t want to any more. You gain access to the Damned Story Feat.

11 – 20%: Loss of Faith: All your life you followed the tenants of your religion, understood the scriptures and tried to live by the instructions your belief set down. You went from worshipper to priest and then to a Paladin, but there was always some nagging doubt in your mind. Your God gave you the power to smite evil, but there always seemed to be more to replace those you bested. Why would your God allow such things to happen? As the years rolled by you saw so many others – others you considered more worthy of salvation than yourself – die or have their lives ruined and slowly, almost without you noticing, your faith began to waver and crack. One day, it all became too much; your spirit collapsed and you gave up, renouncing your God and your responsibility, yet oddly your powers remained. Why? Even now you are not sure, but your sense of emptiness is slowly being replaced with other feelings…. You gain access to the Grief Filled Social Trait.

21 – 30%: The Seduction: Always pitted against the darkest, the most powerful and the most evil of foes does not come without a price. Staring into the abyss can often allow the abyss to stare into you and it is an old adage that one must “take care fighting monsters, lest they themselves become monsters’. Somewhere along the line you succumbed to evil, were seduced by it. It wasn’t an obvious battle of wills, more of a subconscious thought that planted in your mind and was fed by every injustice you saw, every inaction by your superiors, every battle won by the darkness. Eventually, you became too familiar with evil, you became evil. You gain access to the Scholar of the Great Beyond Faith Trait.

31 – 40%: Dark Seed: From your very birth darkness was inside of you. It was never your ‘fault’; perhaps you were born with demonic blood such as a Tiefling, or perhaps a curse was placed upon your parents, or your father was touched with evil and was not aware before he and your mother created you. Whatever the reason that darkness was always a part of you and somehow, however minor, you knew about it. Through your childhood and into adolescence you harboured dark thoughts and rather than fleeing from them you buried them, but eventually they bubbled to the surface during your late teens. Something happened then, something horrible which should have forever scarred you, but instead you simply accepted it as a simple truth and that moment made you realise that true evil does exist in the world, and you are connected to it. You gain access to the Prophesied Faith Trait.

41 – 50%: Pointless Martyrdom: Many a story tells of the great hero who sacrificed everything for a noble cause: to save a loved one, an innocent or an ideal, to give others time to escape some darkness, to sacrifice their own life or soul so that others might carry on. When this moment came in your life you did just that: offering the greatest sacrifice to aid another, perhaps even your own life. Unfortunately for you it went wrong. No songs would be sung of your sacrifice, no tales told. That which you tried to save was destroyed, and evil won out completely. Collapsing to dismay you surrendered, knowing you could not win. Rather than getting the death you felt you deserved though, you were instead imbued with the power of darkness, your regret and anger morphed into a powerful driving force. You gain access to the Resigned Religion Trait.

51 – 60%: Touched By Evil: At some point during your career you faced an evil so terrible that it left its mark upon you. Though victorious against the threat you were forever changed. At first it was barely noticeable, you were irritable and could not sleep, but then you began to develop psychosis and suffered illness of the body. You began to alienate all those around you that loved you and as your mind began to slip to darker thoughts you left your home and travelled into the wilderness aware that what was happening to you was not something you could control. The person who returned was a different creature altogether. You gain access to the Unnatural Presence Faith Trait.

61 – 70%: Distant Redemption: To others, you seem like the stereotypical agent of darkness that the Antipaladin so commonly represents, but you were not always this way. Once you were different: a good person and that light still exists in you, somewhere buried deep inside. That final spark of goodness stops you from completely giving into the forces of evil and becoming their willing slave, and the darker forces hate you for it. You are not quite a monster, but the goodness that is held within you also stops you from reaching your full potential. A part of you knows you can never again be the person you once were, but the faint hope is just enough to keep the spark alive. You gain access to the Disillusioned Combat Trait.

71 – 80%: For Love: It is said that love and hate are two of the most powerful emotions, and a lot of the actions of mortals seem to support the theory. You became an Antipaladin not for power or personal gratification, not through disillusionment of the so-called ‘forces of good’ or the suffering of others becoming just too much to bare, but for love. Someone you cared about deeply was saved by your sacrifice to darkness, someone who’s life meant more to you than your own. That love is still there within you, but have changed and warped into a darker, more base drive. It has become an excuse for you to do the things you do, and the purity of the sacrifice you made has been undone by the creature you have become. You gain access to the Pain is Pleasure Religion Trait.

81 – 90%: Lineage of Darkness: You come from a long line that has always followed the darkness. It was expected of you and you were groomed for it, yet the option to choose was always denied to you. Perhaps you rebel against this calling and long for a way to escape it or perhaps you accept your responsibility with a twisted pride in yourself and the blood you carry. You gain access to the Fiendish Confidence Religion Trait.

91 – 100%: Chosen For Evil: For one reason or another you were chosen by the darkness to be its agent. Regardless of whether you would have accepted it willingly or fought against the idea, you were forced into servitude by the evil powers, and forever altered by their “persuasion”. There is a plan for you, a destiny, but one which you are not fully aware of. Early on after being touched by darkness you found that everything around you was corrupted, destroyed or taken form you, and it became clear that fighting against your fate was pointless. You gain access to the Omen Faith Trait.

Table 1-53: Deductionist Backgrounds:

A product of the Industrial Era, Deductionists have until the time of The Reckoning, been at the forefront of investigative sciences, utilizing rational methodologies to solve crimes, understand the minds of criminals and uncover mysteries. Since the re-appearance of magical forces, there is still very much a place for the Deductionist in the world, except now they must share the stage with the likes of Inquisitors and Rangers who use the addition of magic to help them hunt their quarries. To a Deductionist magic is just another type of science, albeit a less understood one.

01 – 10%: Theorist: From a young age you possessed an analytical mind and saw the patterns of behaviour in events and the actions of people. To you, anything can be understood if properly researched, and your belief that knowledge of what lies ahead is a sensible precaution is something that has followed you into your adult life. You seek to learn as much as you can and explore other Deductionists theorem papers with interest. You gain access to the Avid Reader Social Trait

11 – 20%: The Up-And-Comer: You are new onto the scene of the Deductionist and have yet to prove yourself worthy of merit for your accomplishments. This makes you eager to solve your first big case or catch your first killer, but not to the point of recklessness. In fact, you take great pains to ensure you do things by the book so that your path to greatness is not mired in any way. You gain access to the Civilized Social Trait

21 – 30%: Something to Prove: Either something went wrong early in your career as a Deductionist or one of your theories was proven to be wrong to great public ridicule. Regardless, you feel as though you have gotten off on the wrong foot and need to prove to others that they were mistaken in misjudging you. Unfortunately, this makes you secretive and unwilling to share your knowledge with others in case you don’t have all the facts or they would use that information against you. You gain access to the Suspicious Social Trait

31 – 40%: Foiled: For a time, you were irrefutably excellent in your chosen career; there wasn’t a crime you couldn’t sold or a mystery you couldn’t shed light on. On top of your game you felt nobody was your equal, and your track record proved that. That is, of course, until THEY came on the scene. Every bit your equal but following a life of crime, they foiled you at every turn, made you look foolish and mocked you for your efforts. Of course, they were not so easy to catch as those who came before them, they were a different class of criminal. Your hatred for them became an obsession, one that still haunts you to this day. You gain access to the_ Nemesis_ Story Feat

41 – 50%: A Reputation To Uphold: You come from a long and distinguished line of Deductionists. Perhaps you were part of a guild, or your family is renowned for the sleuths it produces. Whatever the reason, you have always had to work hard to live up to a high expectation placed upon you, but that pressure has made you constantly strive to be the best at what you do. You gain access to the Ambitious Social Trait

51 – 60%: Disconnected: You have the mind of a true Deductionist, but it is honed to such a level that you often find most other things in life – friends, family, responsibilities, social graces, even basic hygiene – to be little more than distractions from your work. You often have trouble connecting with people on a social level difficult and can spend hours in contemplative meditation on a subject before exploding into action when a solution presents itself. You gain access to the Bruising Intellect Social Trait

61 – 70%: Truth Seeker: To you, truth is paramount. More than anything else the truth must be unveiled, regardless of whether it can have a negative effect or not. All things can be understood with enough knowledge and you plan to seek that knowledge out. Forsaking all else on your quest for the truth you often put yourself in situations others would consider extremely dangerous; but you know that the truth is waiting for you, and you need to know it. You gain access to the Seeker Social Trait.

71 – 80%: The Debunker: You first became a Deductionist when you worked out an elaborate ploy and managed to bring it crashing down before it came into fruition. Since then you have become obsessed with the uncovering and unravelling of misdirection and subterfuge, even going so far as to garner a certain respect for it. You love nothing more than dis-proving things or shedding light on plots which use others perception to cloud judgements. You gain access to the Hardly A Fool Social Trait

81 – 90%: The Scientific Mind: You are always striving for a scientific answer to all things. Religion is confusing for you to comprehend: why put your faith in something you cannot prove, and if the Gods are real entities surely no faith is needed? As far as you are concerned everything – even magic – has a rational, scientific answer behind it, and you strive to answer all of life’s questions armed with your unquenchable trust in science. You gain access to the Tireless Logic Social Trait

91 – 100%: The Great Game: To you the role of the Deductionist is like some all-encompassing game to be won or lost. All the people and creatures are players on a huge board called “Tulun”, and everything can be challenged, fought against, bet against, lost and won. You see all of life as a singular, multi-faceted and super-complex game that you intend to win. You gain access to the Clever Wordplay Social Trait

Table 1-54: Ninja Backgrounds:

Ninja represent those who do what the Samurai cannot or will not do; act with subversion and stealth, assassinate, ambush, infiltrate and use methods which others would consider unsavoury or dishonourable. Able combatants in their own right, like Rogues they ensure that a situation is to their advantage before engaging in lethal conflicts.

01 – 10%: Divine Purpose: Unlike other Ninja who answer primarily to their Clan, you have been visited by an Agent of a God or even a God themselves, and have been charged with a divine purpose. What that purpose is can be discussed with your GM, but is a powerful driving force in your life, and you can call upon the protection of the divine while undertaking your great purpose. You gain access to the Blessed Story Feat

11 – 20%: Revenge: You are sworn to take revenge on another, an organisation or even a nation for some major slight done to you, your Clan or your Family. Likely to be the main motivation behind why you became a Ninja, the thought of revenge is always paramount on your mind. A trained professional, you take no unnecessary risks, bide your time and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. You gain access to the Killer Combat Trait

21 – 30%: For The Clan: You are truly dedicated to your Clan, they are your life and your blood. Even more so than your own self-preservation, the needs of your Clan come first. You would kill for them, die for them, lie for them and give up everything for them, and you expect the same in return. They have never let you down, and you intend to do the same. You gain access to the Absolute Loyalty Combat Trait

31 – 40%: The Exile: You have been cast out of your Clan. Whether through another’s deception, a failure on your part, a slight that could not go unanswered or some other circumstance, you have become clanless. Without honour, you feel slighted and are less inclined to follow any ethics or codes of honour, even among other ninja. A freelance renegade, you are considered exceptionally dangerous. You gain access to the_ Axe to Grind_ Combat Trait

41 – 50%: Imperial Assassin: Trained by Imperial Shinobi Masters, you are a killer in the employ of the Emperor (or other leader of a nation depending on campaign world). You have been taught the most efficient and deadly ways to kill a foe with the most minimal of effort and leaving the slightest of traces of your passing. Though you are loyal to your Clan and would follow their instruction as much as possible, you are equally honour-bound to the Emperor by Imperial Decree. You gain access to the Anatomist Combat Trait

51 – 60%: Duality: You have been a successful Ninja for some time, and you do so by keeping up the pretence of another – often ordinary seeming – profession, a life which can easily be over-looked by others. Less concerned with honing your combat abilities than you are about miss-direction and subterfuge, you have become a master of living two lives; one in the shadows and one in plain sight. You gain access to the Veiled Disciple Social Trait

61 – 70%: Shadow Warrior: All Ninja are trained to use the shadows but for you it is almost a way of life. Using the darkness and stealth constantly have made you able to act with guile in almost everything you do, especially the concealment and use of concealed weaponry. You gain access to the Hidden Hand Combat Trait

71 – 80%: Lost: You are the last member of your line, your clan has been destroyed. How this occurred is a matter for yourself and your GM, but you are now clanless through no fault of your own and it is likely that most think you to be dead. You are quiet and careful, even for a Ninja, and look for a way to rebuild your clan or simply survive long enough to start a new life. You gain access to the Careful Combatant Combat Trait

81 – 90%: Collector: Though all Ninja are infiltrators by design, you are especially skilled at it, and with a love of rare items and an appreciation for such antiquities, you are obsessed with taking ‘keepsakes’ from your assignments, which has developed into something of a fascination with you. You gain access to the Antiques Smuggler Regional Trait

91 – 100%: Agent of the Past: You have learned that you are actually a member of a long-since dissolved Ninja clan and look to re-establish your clan to glory. You know that doing so will be no easy task however, the powerful and established Clans will not like to see such a reminder come back to bit them, and as such you have learned to gauge the reactions and motives of others, using that knowledge against them both in battle and in politics. You gain access to the Vigilant Battler Combat Trait

Table 1-55: Samurai Backgrounds:

Honour-bound warriors of Lords, Samurai are heavily-armoured fighters who possess a stringent code of honour which dictates their actions and ensures they live up to the high standards placed upon them by their Lords. To a Samurai honour is everything, and to be without honour is to be as bad as the Ninja, whom they despise.

01 – 10%: Honour-Bound: You are the quintessential Samurai, loyal to Lord, Clan and Emperor. Honour is your life and you stand by it as a staple for your personal code of honour. Being in service to your Lord means leading by example, something which you strive to do regardless of the situation. You gain access to the Oathbound Faith Trait

11 – 20%: Ronin of Fate: Your Lord was killed or stripped of power and with it, came the dissolution of all Samurai under his command: including yourself. Stripped of your position you tried to enter the employ of another local lord but was rebuffed and word of your lack of acceptance spread to surrounding lands until no lord would take you as one of his Samurai. From that day you became Ronin, a lord-less Samurai, and though it is a great dishonour to you, you hold your head high and carry on until you have proven yourself worthy of employ once more. You gain access to the Hard to Kill Combat Trait

21 – 30%: Disgraced: You did something which brought dishonour to your Lord and your family name, and you were stripped of your Samurai status. Forced to wander the world as a Ronin, you seek to return to the favour of your Lord or regain your honour in some way, regardless of what you might have to do to make that happen. You gain access to the Shamed Story Feat

31 – 40%: Lord-Loyal: You are fanatically loyal to your Lord. Perhaps they plucked your family from obscurity, personally saved your life or vouched for you when nobody else dared to. Regardless of the reason, nothing can break your bond of loyalty with your Lord. Even if they did something that went against your principles, the law or even Imperial Decree, you would stand by your Lord until the very end. You gain access to the Absolute Loyalty Combat Trait

41 – 50%: Noble-Born: Not all Samurai are of noble birth, many are upgraded to that status when they become a Samurai. You were one of the lucky ones, born into prosperity and presumed to join the ranks of the Samurai when you came of age. It was never a forgone conclusion of course, but you were trained under the best swordsmasters and etiquette trainers gold could buy, and you learnt restraint and mercy and the importance of a subduing blow over a killing one, something that stood you apart from other lower-born Samurai once you joined their ranks. You gain access to the Easy Way or the Hard Way Combat Trait

51 – 60%: The Defender: The vast majority of your career as a Samurai has been devoted to guard-duty; either as an Imperial Guard, a House Guard for your Clan or protecting an important dignitary in your care. Though you have less front-line experience in war, years of having to stay in full armour has made using the heavy suit of the Dō easier for you than most other Samurai. You gain access to the Armour Expert Combat Trait

61 – 70%: The Sword: You are a front-line fighter among the Samurai, often called upon to lead warriors into battle on behest of your Lord, lead cavalry charges or otherwise be in the thick of battle. Your courage and confidence is often an inspiring sight to those around you. You gain access to the Contagious Mettle Social Trait

71 – 80%: Heirloom: When you became a Samurai you also acquired a family heirloom in the form of a weapon (most commonly a sword) which has great sentimental value to you. Though you may use it in battle, many Samurai who receive a heirloom weapon would rather guard it than use it, for to damage or break it would bring great dishonour to the memory of the family line. That being said, many Samurai use their weapons in battle hoping to add to the long line of stories that surround it. You gain access to the Heirloom Weapon Equipment Trait

81 – 90%: Where Once Was Honour: Though a proud member of the Samurai, you often look upon the current generation as somewhat lesser than the Samurai of legend and wish for greater days of the Empire when the Samurai were without peer and bastions of nobility and chivalry. You consider yourself of that ilk, and are often strong of will and focused, finding other Samurai in need of more discipline. You gain access to the Focused Disciple Faith Trait

91 – 100%: Ronin of Choice: You are a principled individual with a great love for your Lord and Clan, but something you witnessed shook you to the very core of your being. Unable to move against your Lord due to your pledge of allegiance to them, but also unable to work under their employ with a clear conscience, you had only two choices: seppuku (ritual suicide) or self-imposed exile. Though you would have preferred the former, you set your honour aside for the sake of retribution for those who you saw wronged at hand of your Lord, and chose the life of Ronin instead. None but your Lord truly understand your choice and most would call you traitor, but you know the day is coming when you can expose your Lord of his crimes, and then the fates will do what is necessary with you. You gain access to the Principled faith Trait

Influential Associates:

Next, roll on the Influential Associates (Table 1-51) found on Page 44 of Ultimate Campaign.


Deity and Religious Philosophy

Although the mechanics of this section are identical to those found on Ultimate Campaign page 48, the actual Religious Traits are different (you can find them in the “House Rules” section) as different Gods inhabit the world of Tulun. You would not have access to the “Eyes and Ears” Religious Trait for example as it would not apply. Instead, you would choose one of the following:


Alternatively, you could choose “No Deity” or “Undecided” as described on page 48 of Ultimate Campaign, and you would gain the ‘Tireless Logic’ social trait or ‘Ease of Faith’ religious trait respectively.

Romantic Relationships

Relationship with Fellow Adventurers

Character Drawback

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Uncommon Races Backgrounds

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