Welcome to Pathfinder: Domain!

Part traditional table-top RPG, part Kingdom management simulation, Domain is unique in that the events of the turn-based Kingdom management effect the story and surroundings for your characters, and the actions your characters take in-game can also effect the bigger picture.

Despite the extent of the information on this site (and the size of the accompanying PDF document), Pathfinder: Domain is NOT a complete game.

At an absolute minimum you will need the following to play:

Pathfinder Core Rulebook
Pathfinder: Advanced Race Guide
Pathfinder: Ultimate Campaign

(If you are not in a position to get these books, you can find free ‘reference’ versions online HERE or HERE)

Though you can get to everyone via the Wiki, here are some useful links to get you started:

Character Creation (Specifically Races and Classes)
About the Campaign Setting
The World of Tulun
Tulun Historical Timeline
Magic & Technology
Gods & Religion

Building A Kingdom
Kingdom Management

House Rules

Pathfinder: Domain

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