Pathfinder: Domain

By Royal Decree (Part 6, Killburn)
Season 1, Prologue 6: Killburn's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


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Northern Enotia, Whitewillow Grove…

After years alone in the Peaks of The World Mountains, the Druid Kip Killburn answered a summons from the Arch-Druid of his order, Fruril Moonshadow. Stating that he was due to choose a successor, all the Druids of the Whitewillow Grove circle had been called to a Moot and Killburn arrived at Whitewillow at dusk, where the celebrations were well under way. Though he has been called back because the Arch-Druid was due to be naming his successor, what was unknown to everyone but Moonshadow was that Lord Galeron had previously contacted him and asked him to prepare Kip for the news that he was to become a Lord and Warden for the new Kingdom.
The small woodland community was built around the White Willow Tree, a magical hardwood which sat at the centre of the grove – it was said to have restorative powers.
In residence were the other Druids of the Grove, Dryads and fey folk as well as Boreal Wolves. There was much in the way of singing and dancing, but when the time came for Moonshadow to reveal his successor, he was barely into his speech before animals came bursting through the trees in panic and were followed by a group of two dozen raging Wood Giants.

The Giants blundered in, incredibly aggressive and trying to destroy everything and kill everyone. They were uncontrollable and with the more peaceful fey folk running in all directions it was left up to the Druids to fend them off. Forming up under Moonshadow’s direction, the Druids set up a counter-attack and although originally slowed It became clear that they were enchanted the giants could not flee even when they began to lose some of their number. During the fight Moonshadow took a terminal blow from a tree-sized club and is knocked out of the fight. Between Killburn and an old childhood friend now fully grown – Loraella Falconsflight, a fellow druid – the giants were finally defeated even though they fought to the death. By the end of the battle only four druids remain, plus the mortally wounded Moonshadow who had been taken to his hut.

Suffering wounds far too extensive to healed conventionally, the Arch-Druid proclaims he does not want to be healed using magic and felt that his time was at an end. On his deathbed, Moonshadow explained to Kip that he had a destiny far from White Willow Grove, that he wasi to head into the land that was once Rhakor and help to fight back the corruption that has been left in the wake of the Titans. He proclaimed Loraella Falconsflight as the new Arch-Druid of the Northern Forests, and Kip as the Arch-Druid of the Fallen Kingdom. The group were interrupted by a Brownie who said that he followed the trail of destruction the giants left and found Humans and strange machines planning for another assault. He mentioned the machines had a symbol of a cog wheel behind a felled log, which Moonshadow recognized as the logo on “Ironbark Logging”, a logging company he chased off those same lands years before. Just before he expired he gets Killburn to promise he will head to the city of Karsek and aid the new Lords as they leave for the Fallen Kingdom.

After his death, Loraella asks for his help in defeating the Ironbark Loggers.

Killburn, Lorealla, the remaining White Willow Druids, Boreal Wolves and Dryads took the battle to the Ironbark Mercenaries, the rest of the enchanted Giants they have under their thrall, and the Sorcerer responsible for the attack: Kenneth Owens.
Though a tough fight (especially considering the Ironbark Mercenaries had industrial machines on their side), the Druids of Whitewillow were on the offensive rather than defending their sacred grove and a collection of druidic guardians bringing vengeance on an enemy of nature is a sight to behold. Under the command of Arch-Druid Falconsflight the Ironbark Mercenaries were slaughtered to the last man, and it was Killburn who personally ended Owen’s life to balance the snuffing out of Moonshadow’s spark by his order.

With the Ironbark mercenaries dispatched, Killburn left his once brothers and sisters to continue their retribution upon the logging company, and made good on his old masters’ dying wish as he said his goodbyes and headed to the city of Karsek.
From there he would step across the border into a land that needed purifying and bringing back to nature…

By Royal Decree (Part 5, Edra)
Season 1, Prologue 5: Edra's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


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Enotian midlands, in the farming village of Valhurst…

On the trail of a murderer from the city of Clearwater, Edra and a member of his team, the Human tracker Aluna Stromm arrived in Valhurst just as the sun was beginning to set on the horizon. Investigating a ranger’s hut set just outside the village, they discovered it empty but located a map of the village with several areas marked in chalk: the village hall, the blacksmiths, the local inn, a mill warehouse and the home of the village “leader”, a man by the name of Edwin Valhurst. Confiscating the map as part of their investigation, the two headed into the village.

The man they were perusing was a Human Alchemist by the name of Doctor Larkin Eldrich who, until very recently, had been a prominent member of the Clearwater Medical Academy. He vanished from work and was not seen for three weeks, the same time that the first reported disappearance of what would turn out to be a total of 5 young Human women.

Edra and Aluna arrived first at the village hall, and spoke with the two village clerks there (a couple of Humans called Eva Abbot and Mervin Fogg). Though they said they had not seen anyone matching Eldrich’s description lately, they gave Edra (who works directly for the Crown as an investigator) access to the village records and suggested they talk to the village Ranger, Conrad Rogers. A look at the village records indicated that the Eldrich family used to live in the village, which may explain why the Doctor had returned.

Moving onto the Blacksmiths, the pair found Vernon Smith, the owner working out front and questioned him regarding anything untoward going on in the village. From their questioning they discovered he knew nothing of strangers in the area, and was more pre-occupied with the recent loss of his son, who ran away a week ago and was found in the woods mauled by wolves.

Edra and Aluna moved onto the local drinking establishment – The Valhurst Inn – which was still relatively quiet: only two patrons were on site with the owners. Lucas and Ivy Rea. One of the patrons was a farmer, the other – sitting quietly in the corner – Edra correctly surmised as Conrad Rogers. Speaking with him for a time, Rogers was more than happy to help the pair with their investigation and explained that the markings on the map were places where a stranger had recently been spotted in the last two nights and that he was about to start an investigation of his own on the matter. Rogers noted that the farmer – who he identified as Theron Elmerswell, owner of the Elmerswell Farm on the east side of town – was leaving, and the three headed out after him.

Speaking to farmer Elmerswell gleaned some information, he was quite open about the fact that he saw a “tall, gaunt man” hanging around the mill warehouse the night before, but when he followed him to ask who he was, the man had vanished. Having had a heavy night of drinking, Elmerswell put it down to his imagination and did not report it.

Investigating the large warehouse-barn where the grain is kept for the mill, the trio found it closed but unlocked, and Aluna discovered several tracks leading to and from the warehouse. The weather took a turn for the worst, with large rain-clouds beginning to gather overhead as the group made their way inside the warehouse. Inside it first appeared that nothing is amiss, just several stacked sacks of grain and wooden boxes containing the same. On closer inspection however, it is discovered that some had been disturbed at the rear of the main floor, arranged into a makeshift sitting/sleeping area. Among the tracks in the barn Aluna noticed that one set seemed to be different from the others, with one normal boot-print and the other a scraped, dragged foot. Also, upon turning over some of the grain sacks, splatters of blood (about 2-3 days old) are found.

Leaving the warehouse the group were met with rain, but Aluna and Rogers working together were able to follow the unusual tracks south until they came across a deserted and dilapidated house on the outskirts of the village. Rogers explained that it was a home they sometimes offer out to weary travelers who cannot afford the local inn, but that nobody had owned it for many years. The house was overshadowed by an equally unused watchtower. The house turned out to be long-since unused as a home, but there were some signs that somebody had used it to sleep in very recently. As they were searching around the property, Edra’s keen senses picked up a flicker of light from the watchtower, and the group decided to investigate.

Remaining at the foot of the watchtower as a lookout, Rogers took up position in the foliage around the base of the structure as Edra and Aluna entered the tower, the door of which was hanging off its hinges. The weather had gotten worse as a storm approached, making it difficult to hear through the wind and rain, but Edra thought he heard a voice as he entered. Once inside it became apparent there are three separate floors connected by a spiral stone staircase which wound around the entire of the exterior wall. As the pair ascended the first staircase they heard the voice more clearly, speaking in common – a male voice that seemed to be apologizing for something. They recognize it as Larkin Eldrich, and he was only one floor above them. Readying their weapons they continued up to the top floor, with Edra casting an invisibility spell and Aluna slinking into the shadows.

What they found was not what they expected: a open-plan room with a large open window dominating one side, the building storm occasionally illuminating the room in flashes of lightning. A makeshift stone and wooden table/alter had been placed in the middle of the room and a body laid upon it, shrouded in a white cloth. Slumped over it was a sobbing Larkin Eldrich, already a broken man.

Invisibly, Edra approached Larkin and cast his "Lawman’s Brand’ upon him, stopping the doctor from being able to evade him in the future. Doing so caused Edra to become visible, but also stun Eldrich who stumbled backward and barely avoids falling out of the open window. The Doctor seemed less than surprised to see the lawman had caught up with him but stated that it was all pointless anyway, he pulled back the shroud to reveal a woman rebuilt from various body parts and explained that was his wife, Rowena Eldrich. She was killed when a horse and cart ran her down while fleeing a robbery in Clearwater a fortnight ago. Since then he had been using fresh corpses to supplement the body parts that where damaged, and when they ran out…..creating corpses of his own. He had attempted to bring his wife back to life but it had been unsuccessful.

When Edra confronted him about his crimes Eldrich seemed unconcerned, stating that without his wife nothing else mattered – not the lives he took, not even his own life. Despite his lack of empathy, when Edra tried to arrest him he resisted and broke into an ill-advised fistfight (Edra was trained, Eldrich was not). A well placed punch from the Fraxin Arbitrator slammed Eldrich into the wall and he then fell flat on his face, complete with the sound of broken glass. Unfortunately for the investigators Eldrich fell upon one of his mutagens and it was not the meek doctor that arose from the floor but a hulking alternate version of himself, a violent and nonsensical juggernaut who was filled with rage.

Edra and Aluna adjusted their tactics to engage the rampaging rage-Eldrich head on, but ware hampered by the fact that Rowena animated in response to her husband being threatened: proof that a spark of her was still kindled, yet ironically Eldrich was too enraged to even notice.
Suddenly paired off against a mutagen-fueled Eldrich and his wife as a Flesh Golem, the pair engaged in a long and difficult battle in an enclosed space where they could not even call on Rogers for backup due to the loudness of the storm outside.

Sustaining painful injuries and lasting what seems like a lifetime, Edra and Aluna were finally able to knock Eldrich unconscious (reverting him back to his normal state) and then co-ordinate their attacks to put Rowena back to rest for a final time. Handcuffing and dragging the doctor outside, the battered pair found that the storm was clearing and that Rogers was speaking to another Fraxin at the base of the tower.

The Fraxin introduced himself as ‘Varago’, an agent of Lord Panroar Flinteye and, once confirming Edra’s identity, gave him a Royal Decree that stated he was summoned before the Crown at the city of Karsek in a day’s time. Edra agreed, but insisted he needs to turn in Eldrich to the local authorities in Clearwater on the way.

By Royal Decree (Part 4, Tzun)
Season 1, Prologue 4: Tzun's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


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North-east Enotia, in the rural town of Waybridge…

Tzun is staying at Xylander Manor on the hill just north of the town of Waybridge, where he, his wife, son, two daughters and cousin (and his wife) are all guests of Eburwin Xylander and his wife, Celestine. Eburwin is an retired major from the Enotian Armed Forces and a reputed master of longsword combat who Tzun has come to study under to learn this fighting style.
The Mushasi Family have been there about a week, and Eburwin had given them rooms in his manor rather than having them use their Yurts.
It was late in the afternoon and Tzun was training with Eburwin in a sparring courtyard outside the rear of his property. Training with Waster (wooden training swords), they partake in complex and graceful parries while Celestine and Tzun’s extended family look on. After a few practice rounds they are interrupted by a servant who informs them of a visitor: it is Lady Rhialla who has been sent to find Tzun. She has with her a Royal Decree which instructs Tzun to return with her to the city of Karsek. Despite the cultural differences, Tzun appreciates it is a summons and not a request, and agrees to go but not until he has had his duel with Xylander.

The pair duel to first blood, this time with their signature blades, and after an impressive duel it is Tzun who finally wins out, and Xylander concedes defeat, congratulating the easterner and proclaiming their is nothing further he can teach him.

It is early evening by the time Tzun and Xylnader complete their duel, and the Human ex-military officer suggests they stay the night and head out to Karsek at daybreak the next day. Tzun’s family have very little time to prepare and pack their belongings, so Fen (Tzun’s wife) suggests they take Xylander up on his offer.
The rest of the evening is spent eating dinner and partaking of wine while the servants prepare their belongings for travel and groom horses for the next day. Rhialla is also given a room of her own at Xylander Manor.

late into the evening after everyone had retired, Tzun is woken from his sleep due to his perceptve nature and discovers an assassin about to strike. Avoiding their killing blow, he awakens and fights back, discovering there is a second assailant in his room. Dispatching one while unarmed, he brings his blade to bare on the second, both of whom are dressed in ninja garb but displaying no clan markings.
As he fights Tzun hears commotion outside and enters the upper-floor corridor to see Xylander running another one through while a fourth ninja retreats through the window and runs. Rhialla appears from inside one of the other guest-rooms, having dispatched a couple of assassins as well. Tzun recognizes them as such from the way they move and fight, and even though they are covered, he recognizes the green glint to their weapons as Vishkanya poison.
The final assassin escapes, but the group unmask the dead attackers and discover they are indeed Vishkanya, deadly assassins from the land of Omishiru.

After the attack they tend to the wounded and Rhialla recommends they leave (during the night) so as to draw any subsequent attacks away from Xylander Manor. Tzun’s son Jin offers to go back to Omishiru to investigate who would send assassins and why, and Tzun grants him leave to do so.
Thanking the Xylanders for their hospitality but not wishing to place them in any further danger Tzun, Rhialla and Tzun’s family leave for Karsek just after 1 o’clock in the morning.

By Royal Decree (Part 3, Tobius)
Season 1, Prologue 3: Tobius's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


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Off the coast of Western Enotia, approaching the city of Halbsbrecht…

Travelling aboard the Enotian Royal Airship “The Stormwitch”, Lord Tobius was acting as magical-military advisor to his long-time friend, Commander Gregore Stonebite. Traversing the Caribus Ocean along with the rest of the Stone Hammer Marines, the Stormwitch was suddenly attacked by an ambushing Emerald Sea Pirates Skycutter, a smaller and faster but less well-armed flying ship.

Crewed by Sylph pirates and led by one of Stonebite’s old adversaries – the Suli Magus Captain Colhal – the skycutter-class vessel broadsided The Stormwitch and the Sylph lept over with the intention of boarding the Enotian Warship. Though agile and competent fighters, the pirates proved no match for the disciplined soldiers of the Stone Hammers, and it didn’t take too long until the Sylph began losing ground.

Captain Colhal squared up against Tobius himself, but heavily underestimated the Ifrit Gunslinger who made short work of him in single combat. As the pirates retreated and their ship tried to flee, Commander Stonebite used a grappling cannon to tow it limping back to port in Halbsbrecht.

Arriving just before dusk, Tobius said his goodbyes to the Commander and headed to his home in the city, a few blocks from the skydock where The Stormwitch and the disabled skycutter remain docked.
Arriving home he found his sister – Jasmine – noticeably distraught. Panicking and pacing, speaking in tongues and barely coherent, he was able to calm her down long enough to discover that in his absence a mercantile vessel from Kajir had arrived in the city bearing the name “The Resplendent Coin”. According to what she had seen, at least two of its crew were far from merchants: a sinister-looking Suli woman and a brutish Ifrit man who both bore the colours of Clan Iagan.
Agreeing with his sister that their cover may have been blown, Tobius quickly packed a bag to go alongside the one his sister had already prepared and the two went to leave the home and flee to a new life before their pursuers caught up with them.

Finding their exit blocked by a tall and imposing Catfolk man with a broad smile, Tobius recognized the brooch he bore as a sign of nobility within Enotian society, so allowed the man into his home. The Catfolk spoke with a broad Kajiran accent and introduced himself as the newly ignobled Lord Panroar Flinteye. He explained to Tobius that he was on strict orders from the Queen of Entoia to bring him before Her Majesty, and that he would not be able to take no for an answer. Charismatic and enigmatic all the while, the Catfolk Lord offered them the protection of his “help” waiting outside (several Queensguard) who he then proceeded to belittle as if to over-emphasize the pomposity of power the Lords of Enotia possessed.

Spotting the Suli and Ifrit of Clan Iagan across the street from the their home, Tobius and Jasmine saw the two look on with barely controlled rage as the Enotian Lord led them to some horses he had waiting to escort them to the local rail station and on to the city of Karsek with an audience with Her Majesty Queen Eldeatia I…

By Royal Decree (Part 2, Karinion)
Season 1, Prologue 2: Karinions's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


In the southern Enotian city of Karsek…

Following a lead given to him by Lord Flinteye after the Reaper attack in Icevorn, Karinion arrives in Karsek late in the afternoon and gets to Tresbennan Walk a little before dusk. Investigating the rumours of possible necromancer presence, he begins questioning the people there in the hopes that it may lead to some information about the undead assassins who injured Lord Galeron. Among the buildings in the area is a church to The Twelve which is tended by a Father Bernhard Lowten. Father Lowten meets with the Paladin and states that the cemetery next to the church has been disturbed but it seems no bodies are missing, simply the ground disturbed. He does say that the local morgue has reported some missing bodies, but that it has been filed with the City Watch and he does not know any more about it.
Heading to the Morgue Karinion meets with an old Dwarf mortician called Hershal Wickes who is more than happy to complain to someone new about the missing cadavers, and will gladly show the Paladin where the bodies are meant to be. He also takes the time to show Lord Nallmiel a zombie that he personally put down the night before: a bloated and cancerous corpse without a head – he says he found it wandering around near the graveyard.
Questioning the local residents does not turn up anything concrete in the way of information except for scraps of “odd noises” and “strange people lurking in alleyways”; though the Paladin of Ki does find a woman on his rounds called Elnora Lawrence who seemed quite open about the fact her deceased Husband was in her living room, and it turned out to be a caged zombie. Fearing for the woman’s state of mind but finding her in no immediate danger, Karinion left her and decided to visit her solicitor later.
A few more rounds around the houses eventually turns up a couple of rumours about a strange woman who keeps to herself and has a fascination with the dead.

Some questioning reveals the name “Marietta Rackharrow”, and it doesn’t take Lord Nallmiel long to discover her address. Not quite what he was expecting and certainly not fitting the typical description of a necromancer, Marietta is a pretty, shy and scholarly Human woman in her mid-twenties. She is fearful of the Paladin, and rightly so as Necromancy is outlawed in Enotia, but as it happens she is not a practicing necromancer at all, but a White Necromancer theorist; who actually only studies the dead and their connection with the living. She too has been investigating the missing corpses, and wants to help. She says there have been spikes of magical activity and had traced them to a crypt in the cemetary but lacked the courage to intervene directly.

As the two approach the crypt they find it leads underground and is much larger than it first appears. Descending into the crypt the pair hear a couple of voices: one speaking common and another speaking an unknown language. Sneaking further down they discover a robed figure with their back to them talking to a swirling magical visage of another: a human-looking man with pale-white skin, long black hair and luminous, unearthly green-glowing eyes. The visage spots them and dissipates, and before the figure can make a move, the E’bari Lord draws his pistol on them.

the figure vanishes as soon as they approach, turning invisible, and then strikes Karinion from stealth. Luckily the Paladin’s trained senses allow him to react and deflect the attack, causing their attacker to become visible: a Dhampir.

The two engage in contact resulting in Karinion becoming injured (and healed using Marietta’s magic) but ultimately victorious with the death of the Dhampir. Though little information was gleaned, Karinion does discover an encoded diary on the body of the Dhampir which Marietta offers to help him translate. While she gets to work in aiding the Paladin of Ki, Karinion goes to settle up some business with the solicitor of Mrs Lawrence…

By Royal Decree
Season 1, Prologue 1: Tazal's Prologue

13th Day of Solaris, 85 AR


In the Capital Enotian City of Elidor…

Just after dusk, the Tiefling Magus, Tazal Urnarok received a visit in his townhouse. Unbeknownst to most, though a citizen of some repute within the city and a prominent member of the Elidor University of Magic, Tazal had several underworld connections and a long-standing rivalry with the Royal Spymaster Lord Nolan Comgall.
The visit took the form of three of his contacts, Humans Rupert Cooper and Joseph Temple as well as the E’bari Leonara Hassett, who spoke with him for a time about a plan to raid one of the main drug-dens belonging to the Spymaster. Between the four they had managed to manipulate and enhance a small group of religious fanatics known as the Talasians (agents of chaos who worship the Goddess Talasa), who reveled in social anarchy and mischief and would make perfect distractions and scapegoats for the raid.
Laying their plans they met later in the evening at one of Tazal’s safe-houses and donned their masks and fake personas (Tazal went by the name of The Blood Mask). Going before the Talasians, they worked them up into a frenzy and lead them through the sewers of the city that connected the safe-house to Comgall’s warehouse; where large quantities of the drug “Red Sand” were being packed ready to be shipped out.

A small group of Talasians broke off to handle the guards as Tazal, Cooper, Temple and Hassatt entered the warehouse from beneath a storeroom and the group began to subjugate the workers ready to steal the drugs.
As the four oversaw the operation from the second storey balcony gangway, Cooper was shot from above by a crossbow bolt and instantly killed as the skylight burst open and over two-dozen black-clad Spymaster Agents descended on steel cables and the front doors were forced open by city Watch. Realizing their chance of survival in a firefight was next to nil, Tazal ordered his men to stand down, just as Temple joined the Agents – the turn-coat revealed.

Handcuffed, Tazal and Hassett had to watch as the Talasians were rounded up and executed, then the pair were bundled into an ostentatious black and gold royal carriage that awaited them outside. Assuming they were being taken to a formal trial then execution themselves, they were surprised to find they were instead taken to the private estate of The Spymaster, Lord Nolan Comgall.

Upon arrival the two were ushered into a dining room befitting a Lord of Enotia and were made to sit – still handcuffed – at a long Baratek-Wood table. At the head of the table the spymaster sat and explained his predicament: he admired Tazal’s abilities but couldn’t risk having him as a competitor. He couldn’t kill him because the Queen had ordered an audience with him, but before the two could fully relax, he murdered Hassett by shooting her in cold blood to show he was serious.

Tazal was then showed a Royal Decree that stated he needed to be at the castle in the city of Karsek the next day by order of Her Majesty, so Lord Comgall had his handcuffs removed and the Tiefling placed under house arrest until he could be transported the next day.


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