Lord Panroar Flinteye

Grand Diplomat of [Kingdom Name]


Race: Catfolk
Role: Grand Diplomat
Role Bonus: +3 Stability
Class: Rogue (Chameleon)

A tall, charismatic and dashing Catfolk, Lord Panroar Flinteye is a traveled adventurer who is known for his dashing bravdo and incredible tales. He speaks with a strong Kajiran accent and is fluent in many languages, and almost always seems upbeat, approachable and carefree. Despite his demeanor Panroar is always thinking several steps ahead, and his mind is always running through various scenarios in his head. Despite his seemingly trusting nature, he only holds loyalty to his family and House Galeron, caring nothing for the Enotian Crown or even the country.


Born in the city of Elidor (the Capital City of Enotia), Panroar was brought into the world by his mother alone, one of three cubs who she had been given leave from work to raise. In service to the House Galeron, his mother and father were servants to that great house and despite such a life of servitude they were fed and treated well, and were brought up in a vibrant and pleasant environment. The Galeron family were good to their Catfolk retainers, and it was their hope that young Panroar would enjoy a similar life. Unfortunately, when the young cub’s father died by way of an accident in the stables with a particularly skittish horse, his mother struggled to feed him and his brother and sister. Having been given leave to raise the cubs she had no means of income and was close to giving up one of her cubs to The Church when she heard rumour of an exoitc man from a far away land visiting the Galeron Estate. The man turned out to be a Suli Diplomat from Kajir and she was able to strike a deal with him: give up the young Panroar for adoption, and the payment would more than feed her cubs for the duration before she could go back to work. Reluctantly she agreed and the silver-tongued Suli left the following day with her eldest cub, Panroar.

Panroar spent the next twenty years of his life in the care of the Suli Diplomat. He traveled far to the west to the magical land of Kajir, where he learnt many languages and discovered the power of real magic. Lacking in any magical flair himself, he instead learned how to vanish in a crowd when he had to, and use his exotic nationality (to the Kajirians at least) coupled with a natural charisma to win over the hearts and minds of his neighbours. The Suli who adopted him disagreed strongly with slavery, and explained as soon as Panroar was able to understand that he was a free man and could go where he chose, but the Catfolk cub remained loyal to the Suli until he grew old and passed. Unsure how to tread the path of his life from that moment, Panroar became an adventurer and spent five more years travelling across Tulun learning many great stories and even greater secrets. At twenty-eight years of age he returned to Enotia as a free citizen of Kajir and sought out his mother in House Geleron. Now old by this point, she was glad to see him but his younger brother and sister had taken over servants duties for the House.

Introducing himself to the Lord of the House, one Lamont Galeron, he came to respect the man who allowed him to reside in his home as a storyteller for his (then) very young daughter, Viktoria who reminded him of himself at the age he was taken. Remaining there to be close to his mother in her twilight years, Panroar sparked up a great friendship with the little girl and became one of her few true friends through the years. When Panroar’s mother finally passed from old age, he found that the connection he had forged with the now teenage viktoria was hard to break, and he felt very protective towards her, as if she was a younger sister. His skills at diplomacy and etiquette were not lost on Lamont Galeron either, who recognized a humbling greatness in the Catfolk wanderer, and when he heard that he was to be sent south into Rhakor, Galeron accepted on a number of conditions – one of which being that Panroar be elevated to the status of Lord and become his Grand Diplomat upon the journey.
As shocked as he was honoured, “Lord” Panroar thought about the offer overnight but felt that if his brother, sister and Viktoria were heading south, then his place should be at their side.

Lord Panroar Flinteye

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