Lady Elissa Galeron

First Lady of (Kingdom Name)


Race: Human (Enotian)
Role: Consort
Role Bonus: +2 Loyalty, can act as Ruler in Ruler’s absence
Class: Aristrocrat

With her strikingly-red hair, high cheekbones and terminally-serious expression, it is easy to recognize the Lady Elissa as coming from House Voldair. Quiet in public but ever-watchful, she is known to choose her words wisely and can cause as much damage with a crossed word as most can at the tip of a sword. Born into nobility the Lady Elissa carries herself with grace, making slow deliberate movements and rarely being caught off-guard. Standing at a little over 5ft 9inches, she still holds her figure from her younger years and despite her stern and cold demeanor she is still considered by most to be an attractive and sought-after woman. Were it not for the presence of her husband, she would have many suitors clamoring for her affections.
She is married to Lord Lamont Galeron, and between them the two of them have a single child: Lady Viktoria Galeron.


The eldest of two daughters sired to Lord Kharl and Lady Synai Voldair, Elissa was born into nobility and spent her younger years learning the ways of etiquette, manners and politics in the Voldair Estate in Enotia. From as young as three her life was filled with conditioning behaviours and mannerisms, teaching her the correct way to behave in polite society and to be a perfect “lady”. Elissa had a sharp and curious mind however, and after a few scoldings as a child for misbehaviour she soon learned that the appearance of conformity and obedience could be used to mask true intentions. Before she was even a teenager she had a firm grasp on how Enotian politics were conducted, and was already beginning to manipulate people around the Estate into doing what she wanted without them even knowing.

A master of manipulation, when she reached fourteen she discovered she was to be married to man from House Galeron (a rival powerful Enotian Noble House) and, despite putting on a perfect performance of a teenager who felt their parents were controlling her life, was already secretly preparing for such an eventuality. Having previously researched the Galeron House, Elissa knew that the two possible husbands would be Euryalus or Lamont and that both would be viable candidates to improve her power-base and, secondarily, the power of House Voldair.
For her, it was all a political move: she was not interested in romantic pursuits or even the propagation of her family line, but instead had her eye squarely focused on her own personal gain.

When it was announced that she was to marry Lamont Galeron, Elissa put a great many of her “silent plans” into action, infiltrated House Galeron with her spies and started to plant seeds of affection in the Lords mind. As it happened her plans were largely unneeded due to the fact her husband-to-be was constantly away at war, but she found him strangely welcoming of his advances when he did spend time with her. From their relationship Elissa found that she did develop feelings for Lord Lamont, and while it could never be mistaken for love or even really deep affection, she gained a respect for the man which grew with each military campaign he returned home successfully from.
For the first few years of their marriage things went well for Lady Elissa (now Galeron): her Husband was largely away allowing her to run the Family Estate as she saw fit, she had gained the respect of her new parents and the gratitude of her birth parents (both House Galeron and Voldair had prospered since the marriage), and she was in a true position of power, able to attend the Royal Enotian court as a House Galeron representative.
At 25, Elissa gave birth to a girl which her Husband and herself named Viktoria, and though a little saddened that she seemed to possess more features of her father (dark hair and eyes, olive skin..), for the first time in her life Elissa felt true affection for another person, which proved more troublesome than she first assumed.

With her Husband away and her not being in any true condition to run the Estate efficiently, she had to leave it in the hands of one of her Lady in Waiting. For the next ten years the House steadily declined in power (not helped by the situation with Lamont’s brother, Euryalus).
When the King died in 80 AR and was replaced by Queen Eldeatia I her Husband was recalled from wars and was re-assigned South into the Rhakorian Badlands. Though initially unprepared that she and their now 19-year old daughter would be joining him, the Lady Elissa had instead re-shifted her plans to other areas, hoping to support her Husband (through manipulation, cohesion and advising) into taking this opportunity and turning it into something even more impressive that the Queen has envisioned: Elissa’s plan is a lengthy one; she plans to see the new Kingdom they create in the South a true power to be reckoned with on the world stage.

Lady Elissa Galeron

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