Lady Viktoria Galeron

Heir to the Kingdom of (Kingdom name)


Race: Human (Enotian)
Role: Heir
Role Bonus: +2 Loyalty, can act as Ruler in Ruler’s absence
Class: Aristrocrat / Rogue

Sporting most of her father’s features (darker hair, olive-coloured skin), but her mothers’ steely gaze and detached temperament, the nineteen-year-old Viktoria is of noble bearing, and thoroughly expects to be treated as such. The only child of Lord Lamont Galeron and Lady Elissa Galeron, she is spoilt, overbearing, volatile and disagreeable, but this is due mostly to the fact she was never allowed to have what most would consider an actual childhood. Behind her exterior is a young woman who struggles to fully grow up because she has never actually been a little girl. She has few true friends (because they would be aware of the real her, something that she spends most of her time disguising), but the worldly and ever-charming Lord Panroar Flinteye is most certainly among them.


Born in 66 AR, Viktoria has only really known life around the Galeron Estate, the Capital and the various Royal Courts. Though born a Galeron she shares more in common with her mother and House Voldair from which she comes, and this is apparent in her demeanor and behavior (Viktoria was primarily raised by her mother): she sees no problem using subversion, manipulation and misdirection to achieve her goals. Brought up to be a lady and political activist by her mother the young Viiktoria was made to grow up well beyond her time, and it shows in many ways: she is often spiteful and defensive, and can be very easily offended. Lacking any true friends as a child she was never quite as detached as her mother, but had loneliness thrust upon her and had to adapt.
Her only real friend is Lord Panroar Flinteye, a well-traveled and silver-tongued Catfolk who used to regale her of stories of distant lands as a child and has remained her friend ever since.

Though she was initially thrilled at the chance of living a different life away from the Capital, the young Lady has found it hard to adapt to the frontier life that the Rhakoran Badlands represent, and despite all the comforts her parents brought with them on the expedition, she misses the ways of her home more than even she would dare to admit.

Lady Viktoria Galeron

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