The Alchemist Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide, p26. You can also find the information on the class Pathfinder SRD Website.

Alchemists of Tulun:

Often also referred to as “Chemists”, Alchemists are an invention of the Industrial Age, yet they straddle the gulf between magic and science perfectly. Having helped develop some of the most potent toxins, cures, mutagens, chemicals, explosives and adhesives which are now in common use throughout the world, most Alchemists welcomed the reappearance of magic, knowing that it would allow them to study and re-examine everything they knew under a new and often unpredictable set of parameters.

Having reached a point of stagnation within the scientific application of the liquids and solutions they studied, the addition of magical properties makes for a facinating new area of research for these inventors.

Though Alchemists are most prevalent in the Kingdom of Enotia where they are responsible for the majority of life comforts that the common man or women enjoy, they also make up some of the leading minds of magical and industrial synergy across the world.

In Omishiru Alchemists are prized for their ability to create not only weapons such as explosives and poisons, but also their practical expertise right down to religious festivities with their complex and stunning firework displays a point of note. In fact, the original firearms were developed by Omishiran Chemists (Alchemists) over six-hundred years ago, and are now in common use worldwide.
In Mor-Denoch Alchemists are known for their incredible explosives, especially among the Duergar and Svirfneblin people. Powerful and exact, these dangerous weapons have been perfected so as to cause ample damage to an enemy force without causing a catastrophic cave-in among the many labyrinthine tunnels of the subterranean realm.
In Midian most Alchemists are explosive and artillery experts within the Midian War Machine, hired to develop and maintain elaborate cannons and siege devices for the relentless war effort.
In Kajir the Alchemists are a more mysterious lot, leaning more toward the application of magic over science and often overlap in their research and methodology with Wizards and other arcane scholars.

Alchemy is not only considered a reputable profession to pursue in Tulun, but has had a recent boost in popularity due to the application of newly developed Magitech, a forging of magic and machine that while still in its infant stages, looks to be very promising.

Alchemists of Enotia: Alchemists are more common in the land of Enotia where many colleges exist to teach and explore Alchemy; which is every bit a science as it is magic in the Northern Kingdoms. Alchemists are responsible for the fusing of science and magic that so many Enotians have become accustomed with.

Alchemists of Kajir: The Alchemists of Kajir are among the most secretive and mysterious of their kind. Where other Alchemists concentrate on mundane elements infused with magical properties, those of Kajir tip the balance far more in the direction of magic, and while their concoctions are often far more powerful than conventional alchemy, it is also a lot more unpredictable.

Alchemists of Mor-Denoch: Mor-Denoch Alchemists are famous for their controlled explosions, considered the most precise in the known world. Rightly so, because they live in subterranean worlds where an incorrectly-placed explosion could bury thousands alive.

Alchemists of Midian: Goblins are by far the most common Alchemists in the Southern Kingdoms, with their fascination with pyromancy unrivalled by any others. In times of war they make powerful, high-yield explosives and artillery and in times of “peace” most are experimenting with more powerful and dangerous explosives. Constituting the main “Magic Users” of Midian, Alchemists also make up the majority of the scholar, engineers and scientists.

Alchemists of Omishiru: In Omishiru Alchemists are known as “Chemists” and are well known for their practical uses of explosives. The original developers of modern black-powder, Chemists are also known for their expertise with all forms of poison, and it is considered one of the most reputable of the “merchant” professions in the Empire.

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