The Antipaladin Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide, p118. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Antipaladins of Tulun:
Though a rare occurrence compared to Clerics or their once sworn brothers the Paladins, Antipaladins are the Antithesis of everything the Paladin stands for. While the vast majority of these individuals come about because a Paladin has fallen so far from grace that they either cannot or have no wish to repent their ways, a growing number – especially since the time of The Reckoning – actively seek this dark path and the power that comes with it.

A common misconception that all Antipaladins are crazed maniacs who attack randomly without forethought or reason, sadly they are not so easily categorized. Alas, just as many are calculating manipulating fiends who can act in a controlled, polite manner if the end justifies the means.

Antipaladins in Tulun strongly believe that the Gods are superior to mortals, and feel it literally their god-given right to force that belief upon others. Though they do not worship “Good” Gods, they worship neutral Gods as well as evil ones, twisting their beliefs to extreme ideals and committing atrocities in their name.

Hated and feared by worshipers of The Church of Twelve, Antipaladins authority is not recognized by The Church, but the fact that they have powers which (appear) to come from the Gods is a troubling paradox to them. As such many Inquisitors and Paladins are charged with trying to wipe these individuals out, though that is never as simple as it sounds: Antipaladins are not above making pacts with Fiends and other dangerous, evil creatures and often have a considerable power-base to draw from.

VARIATION FROM REGULAR RULES: Antipaladins in Pathfinder: Domain are not restricted to being CE alignment only. They can be any alignment with “Evil” in the descriptor (that is, Chaotic-Evil, Neutral-Evil or Lawful-Evil), so long as their alignment is no more than 1 step removed from their chosen God.

-Antipaladins of Enotia: The Antipaladins of Enotia are among the most deceptive and careful of their number. Part of the problem is that most Enotian Antipaladins tend to work within the law, making them all the harder for Paladins and Inquisitors to bring to justice. Most know the laws of the land very well and use them to their advantage, staying in plain sight with the confidence of an boss of an organised crime syndicate.

Antipaladins of Kajir: Antipaladins are rare in the elemental lands to the West, and those that do exist are zealots of the Goddess Juhemi and represent the changing face of the sea. Like storms they ravage those not strong enough to oppose them, but are often on the move and feel uncomfortable in one place for long.

Antipaladins of Mor-Denoch: The Subterranean Antipaladins are among the cruellest of all Antipaladins. Patient, calculating and vicious, they are mostly formed of Shen’ari worshippers of Imusus or Talasa and seem unpredictable and untrollable to those around them. Oddly, Mor-Denochian Antipaladins are among the most devoted to one-another, a trait which makes them especially dangerous.

Antipaladins of Midian: Almost all Antipaladins found in Midian are fanatics of Seonis and crave bloodshed and war, believing it to be the most natural of states. To them, the world cannot progress without conflict, and it allows the weak to be destroyed, leaving the strongest standing. They are seen as miscreants and deviants who have no place in ordered Midian society and are considered as disruptive and despised as in most other cultures.

Antipaladins of Omishiru: Omishiran Antipaladins are usually followers of Ki, but the complete opposite to Ki Paladins, they feel that the balance has tipped too far toward good, and as such it is their holy duty to redress that balance. Unwavering in their cause, they believe the work they do cannot be questioned – not by lords, nor emperors, nor gods.
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