The Cavalier Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide, p32. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website

Cavaliers of Tulun: Cavaliers serve a specific purpose in the world of Tulun: they are followers of causes. More dedicated and loyal than a regular fighter yet less fanatical or restricted by religion than a Paladin, Cavaliers swear themselves to a purpose which can be as specific as questing after a particular item or as broad as seeing the wishes of their lord become reality, in this latter case they are quite similar in mindset to the samurai, placing the needs of the one they serve above themselves.
Though well known for their skill on horseback (or in some cases other creatures), it is the strength of a Cavalier’s ideals that is their most powerful weapon: they are strict to their ideals and will go to any length to see them carried out.
Tacticians and officers in times of war, Cavaliers are often employed for simply that: to lead others into battle. Their presence on the field is so poignant that they can often challenge foes to single combat, sure in the knowledge that none would dare involved themselves in the melee.

Cavaliers often devote themselves to an Order which ties in with their personal ideals, and like a Paladin they commonly share a bond with their mount who is often a close companion whom they have spent many years with, though this is more likely to be a mundane beast than the Paladin’s celestial mount.

Cavaliers are in high demand for rulers who require loyal, incorruptible servants, and they will often pay well over the odds to secure their employ. To a Cavalier though, monetary gain is of little importance, it is the cause that matters.

Cavaliers of Enotia: The embodiment of the medieval Knight, Enotian Cavaliers are honour-bound warriors who fight for a cause they feel is justified. Often agents of the crown, they follow a code of chivalry which dictates a lot of their behaviour, and most belong to an Order of some kind. Though most Cavaliers are of noble birth, they can be elevated in status by Lords and Kings and many modern Cavaliers are of common blood.

Cavaliers of Kajir: Among the Elemental Courts, Cavaliers are mounted champions who fight upon air, land and sea. Depending upon the element they are connected with, the Cavaliers are assigned to various regiments and are commonly used as officers in times of war. In times of peace Cavaliers work as freelance agents, travelling the Floating Kingdom and beyond following their cause.

Cavaliers of Mor-Denoch: In the subterranean world of Mor-Denoch Cavaliers are a rarity, lacking not only the large open spaces that the mounted warriors travel and are renowned for fighting across, but also loyalty is very much a personal thing in the underground kingdom, meaning the causes that Cavaliers adhere to are not in high demand. Those Cavaliers that do frequent Mor-Denoch are in high demand by the Council of Elders, however.

Cavaliers of Midian: The mounted warriors of Midian make use of the eminent beasts of burden in the south – dinosaurs. Many also have begun experimenting with other, more mechanical steeds. The ordered nature and code of ethics that the cavaliers adhere to also make them ideally suited to life in the Midain military, and their choice of mount often adds understandable levels of intimidation to their potent capabilities.

Cavaliers of Omishiru: The roll played by Cavaliers in Omishiru are covered by that of the Samurai, there are virtually none in the Eastern Kingdom, though some Ronin follow the path of the Cavalier.

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