Mechanically-speaking, Dhampir in Pathfinder: Domain are identical to those found in the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide p96. You can also find Racial Information on them on the d20pfSRD website.

XP Cost: 11,000

Tulun Dhampir: he Dhampir found in Tulun are not unlike those found in Pathfinder and other Dungeons & Dragons settings: they are born of tragedy and horror, and like Half-Orcs and Eb’ari they struggle to find their place in the world. With its (comparatively) tolerant view of outsiders most remain in Enotian lands, yet even there they are treated with a healthy dose of suspicion and fear. Like all Dhampir, those found in Domain can be as varied in their alignment and beliefs as any other race, and just as many are vitreous monster-slayers who use their unique insight into damned creatures to help them defend others against them, as they are manipulative monsters themselves.

Place of Origin: Due to their parentage of Vampire and Human, the vast majority of Dhampirs hail from Enotia, where the Human population is greatest. They can however, be from wherever humans reside.

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