The Druid Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, p48. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Druids of Tulun:
For all the progression in industry and technology and despite the famous and often massive cities that dot the landscape of Tulun, the majority of the planet is still untamed wilderness. Even within heavily-populated nations massive tracts of land are very much under the sway of nature.
Druids consider themselves the protectors of these realms, not only from monsters and rampaging beasts but also – and in some cases especially – from the intelligent races who share their homes with nature.
Calling upon powerful and primal magics, it is a common misconception that Druids are all followers of Oeylla and they are often misidentified as Clerics of Oeylla as well. While it is true that many Druids do worship the Gods – especially Oeylla – just as many worship nature itself, various spirits of nature or do not “worship” anything at all. Their magics come from a source outside of the Gods, and as such they are as varied in their religious beliefs as any commoner or King.

Sharing an affinity with Barbarians Rangers and Witches, whom share their closeness to nature, Druids often find these individuals easier to understand, reason with and assist than their city-dwelling counterparts who they feel are either too far removed from the natural world or in some extreme cases, seek to dominate nature for their own ends. As protectors of the wild places Druids will often react with hostility when the natural world is threatened, and consider the intelligent races as simply another type (albeit advanced) of animal, and they often do not share the moral disquiet that afflicts their parent species but are possessed of a more balanced and neutral outlook on life.

Like the forces of nature they venerate, Druids can seem cold or detached and even dispassionate in some cases, but that is only from the viewpoint of others who have embraced civilisation and forgotten that nature is neither good nor evil, it simply “is”.

Druids of Enotia: The Druids of Enotia are a mysterious and ancient lot, said to have their roots back in the ancient times when the Elven Empire was in decline and the Fraxin last walked the Earth. Dedicated to nature rather than the Gods, most seem quite alien and backward to the city folk of the Northern Kingdom, yet among their many talents they are a natural buffer zone between the northern barbarian hordes and the peoples of the cities.

Druids of Kajir: In the West druids are seen as conduits to the raw power of nature and while the stereotypical image of the woodland Druid is a rarity, many exist upon the seas, in the deserts and high in the mountains. Often revered fro their closeness to the divine (nature in its most elemental form), they are considered almost as important as the Coral Priests and Priestesses and often, a lot more approachable to the commoner.

Druids of Mor-Denoch: Druids are rare in the lands of Mor-Denoch, and those that do exist are considered outcasts and oddities, living in the deep tunnels and catering to the often overlooked natural world that exists beneath the surface. These “Tunnel-Druids” constantly try to warn that the cities are going too deep are far too expansive, but few listen to them. The Druids however, know that disaster may be just around the corner…

Druids of Midian: The wilds of Midain are a dangerous place and many are wise to fear the uncivilised parts of the Empire. However, there are those who not only survive, but become part of this savage frontier. Druids tend to be more feral and brutal than in other nations, reflective of the extreme environment that that exists in Midian. Most often Orcs and other savage races are druids, though native Minar still walk the plains and follow their old shamanic ways.

Druids of Omishiru: The vast majority of Druids in Omishiru live so far removed from the civilised areas that most have little to no contact with them, except those who live out in the wilderness such as the Kitsune, Vanaras and Tengu. The Druids of Omishiru revere the world itself and nature, having little or no time for the “Gods” the rest of the world worship. They do show considerable respect to the various Spirits that exist across the Eastern Kingdom however, and act as their guardians and intermediaries between them and mortals.

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