Mechanically-speaking, Dwarves in Pathfinder: Domain are identical to those found in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game p21. You can also find Racial Information on them on the d20pfSRD website.

XP Cost: 11,000

Tulun Dwarves: Dwarves in Domain share many personality traits with the Dwarves presented in Pathfinder: they are stoic, practical, determined and stern people who have a mind for technology. Once living in the vast underground caverns of what would later become Mor-Denoch, the Dwarves split from their Duregar cousins and adapted to live above ground. Though they chose to abandon the truly subterranean life, Dwarves tend to make their homes in the side of mountains and feel most at home when they cannot see the open sky. A heavily civilized people, Dwarves share much of their lives among races such as Humans and Halflings, and often have time for Gnomes despite their flighty behaviour due to a common ancestry and the fact that both races have a love for technology. Their past with Nim’ari has been somewhat rocky, and the two long-lived races have had more than one bloody confrontation over the years. It would be fairer to say that Dwarves ‘tolerate’ Nim’ari rather than truly get along with them, they will be the first to blame one another when something goes wrong.
Dwarves are distrustful of Dracen, seeing them as far too introverted and suspicious, and find themselves at a loss to fully understand the wide diversity of the people of Kajir. As valiant in war as they are passionate about invention, Dwarves are stalwart warriors and it should come as no surprise that they have stood against the hordes of Midian on hundreds of occasions: they consider Orcs to be powerful but dim-witted brutes, but cite the importance of never underestimating the cruel and calculating Hobgoblins, who they see as a much more clear and present threat. Despite the fact they came originally from Midian and the fact they tend to follow the ways of nature over technology, most Dwarves seem willing to accept and often befriend Minar who they see as practical, dependable and patient.
Dwarves are religious more in a traditional sense than a practicing one, but often make time to follow the old ways and give thanks to the Gods. Most follow The Twelve as a Pantheon, but it is also common for certain Dwarf families to lean their worship heavily toward Chonna, God of Industry & Progress.

Place of Origin: Though some Dwarves can be found either in the “shallows” (less than 50ft beneath the surface) of Mor-Denoch or in mountainsides surrounding some of the Surface Gates, the vast majority of Dwarves call the Kingdom of Enotia home.

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