Mechanically-speaking, Fetchlings in Pathfinder: Domain are identical to those found in the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide p108. You can also find Racial Information on them on the d20pfSRD website.

XP Cost: 17,000

Tulun Fetchlings: Another of the elementally-aligned people plucked from their home dimension during the time of The Reckoning, Fetchlings are refugees from the Plane of Shadow who have found themselves forever trapped in the land of Tulun. Adapting to their new life with some difficulty, Fetchlings were among some of the first outsiders to descend into violence against their fellow refugees out of desperation. Despite being among the first to strike, it was also the Fetchlings – along with the Aasimar – who also extended the first olive-branch of peace, and they were among the first to unify behind the idea of an “Elemental Council” to govern the newly created floating island. They share their enclave of Shadow upon the island of Kajir with Changelings, Tieflings and Dhampir but were unable to prevent the departure of another shadow-people – the Wayang – when they departed East. Of those Shadow-Plane outsiders, it is a Fetchling who represents the people of the Plane of Shadow upon the Elemental Council, and the Fetchlings are often seen as the most neutral of the Shadow-aligned races, in contrast to the power-hungry Dhampir, the often over-passionate Tieflings and the woefully unpredictable Changelings. Many Fetchlings who do not follow their own destiny work for the Elemental Council as diplomats and emissaries, gladly venturing out into the East to discover more of the world.

Place of Origin: Originally from the Plane of Shadows, all Fetchlings in Domain come from the floating island of Kajir in the West.
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