The Fighter Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, p55. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Fighters of Tulun:
Among the most versatile of all the classes in Domain, Fighters cover the widest spectrum of archetypal description. They are honourable soldiers, opportunistic bandits, mercenaries, royal guardsmen, peasant heroes and everything in-between.
Often dismissed as brutes or the “least skilled” among men, Fighters, true fighters, are among some of the most disciplined and specialized in the field of combat. Some are natural warriors, possessing a combination of great strength and durability or quick reflexes, whereas others train under a mentor or hone their own skills to become adaptable combatants able to handle just about any situation. Others still develop their skills into a focused art, working to become the very best in their chosen sphere of influence.
Regardless of their path, all Fighters are exemplars of physical combat as their labeling suggests, and will always enter a fight with the intention of beating their opponent either through surrender or fatal confrontation.

Fighters of Enotia: Fighters in Enotia are a truly varied lot, consisting of regimented warriors such as soldiers, guards, malitiamen and city watch to sell-swords, professional mercenaries, bandits and highwaymen. Fighters can be found all over Enotia, and even many of the noble classes still practice fencing along with pistolmanship, whereas just as many poor folk are accomplished bare-knuckle fighters. If one can wield a weapon and defend themselves with any degree of skill, they can make a living in the North.

Fighters of Kajir: Fighters of Kajir are known for their bravado and exotic fighting styles in combat. Mobile and generally preferring less-restrictive lighter armour to the heavier kind, Kajir fighters possess an array of complex fighting styles that make them fast and unpredictable fighters in melee combat, and they are not adverse to mixing pistol-fighting into their swordplay as well. Their individualistic natures make them considerably dangerous fighters one-on-one, but regimented shoulder-to-shoulder military fighting is a new concept to them.

Fighters of Mor-Denoch: Fighters of Mor-Denoch reflect the trinity of their nation; like the Duregar there is a large contingent of heavily-amoured, defensive fighters who value protection over killing capacity. There are fast, lightly armoured fighters who use poisons and toxins as part of their fighting techniques, not unlike the Shen’ari and then there are those who walk the middle path, preferring a good combination of both and see the reason in being well-prepared above all else, much like the Svifneblin people. Though most fighters work for the Clerics or are in the army, many more are freelance agents who use their sword-arms to increase their personal prestige and power in the underground Kingdom.

Fighters of Midian: The true rulers of Midian are the Military and the Fighter is the paragon of their ideal. Well trained, well equiped and well respected, there are more fighters than any other class in Midian. Most members of the empire are required to do some form of indentured military service and those that show aptitude are trained to serve in the regular army. After service, those who leave sometimes continue as bodyguards, mercenaries and brigands.

Fighters of Omishiru: The fighters of Omishirua are the most disciplined and vigorously trained in the known world, even more so that those in the South. Not as highly venerated or given positions of such responsibility however, they see it as their duty to serve their Kingdom and their Emperor. While the Samurai are reserved for keeping their Lord’s (and the Emperors) peace, it is the job of the Fighter to fight in times of war, lay down their life if needs needs be, and follow orders without question. Mercenaries and sell-swords are very uncommon in Omishiru as it is considered an honourable pursuit to follow the way of the warrior, and most are quite content with that choice.

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