Mechanically-speaking, Midian Goblins vary slightly from regular Goblins. Their Skilled class feature is modified so that they lose the +4 racial bonus on Ride checks and instead gain +2 racial bonus to Craft (alchemy) and Knowledge (engineering) checks. Otherwise they are are identical to those found in the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide p114. You can also find Racial Information on them on the d20pfSRD website.

XP Cost: 10,000

Tulun Goblins (Gogbin)

For millennia the Goblins of the south (Gogbin in Goblinoid) were originally a ragtag collection of tribes and petty kingdoms ruled by chieftains of varying ability and beneath the notice of the bigger races they shared the land with. This changed when the particularly astute and ambitious chieftain Daxorb of the Scratchclaw Tribe saw the growing strength of a Hobgoblin leader called Hazzard and pledged his tribe to his glory. Initially dismissive, the Hobgoblin was convinced of their usefulness when Daxorb’s tribe managed to destroy a rival Warmaster’s ‘impregnable’ stronghold by sneaking in, blocking exits and barring doors then setting targeted, devastating fires without Hazzard’s forces drawing a weapon. Hazzard accepted the Scratchclaw tribe into his army and as other Goblin tribes were conquered they were they were put under Daxorb’s control. Even now the Scratchclaw family is one of the most prestigious of all the Goblin clans.
In modern times, Goblins are in a unique position of being almost more of a liability than a benefit to Midian. Possessed of a sort of insane genius, fine dexterity and a blatant disregard for personal safety mean that the Goblins of Midian the empire’s foremost alchemists and engineers. With usefulness being a survival trait in Midian, the high Goblin birth rate means natural selection has made them experts in these fields. Their inventions and weapons form the backbone of the Midian war machine and scientific discoveries have helped sustain the economy for generations.
Conversely, their love of fire and explosives and a temperament that is almost as incendiary cause constant headaches for the Midian Hobgoblin elite. Their chaotic tendencies mean that they are difficult to control and are more steered in certain directions than ordered to do things. They are generally ordered to perform a task and are left alone to work out exactly how they will accomplish it.
Skilled infiltrators and saboteurs, Goblins of a more martial bent have also found a place within the military. While they are much smaller than Orc infantry, Minar berserkers or Hobgoblin officers they are often sent behind enemy lines to disable machines, disrupt supply lines and blow up the occasional fortification.
Opinions to magic, religion and other more esoteric issues vary greatly within Goblin society and are as individual as the Goblins themselves, but many ignore such studious and contemplative pursuits for the more visceral and immediate rewards of grease, oil and fire.

Place of Origin:
While Goblins can be found throughout Tulan, the south and Midian in particular are their homeland

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