Mechanically-speaking, Grippli in Pathfinder: Domain are identical to those found in the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide p190. You can also find Racial Information on them on the d20pfSRD website.

XP Cost: 6,000

Tulun Grippli: A wider-spread people than most others realise, the Grippli originally evolved from aquatic animals during the Mythic Age, and can be found anywhere that supports their natural habitat of swamps and jungles. Coming from simple tribal societies, the post-reckoning world presented opportunities and dangers well outside their scope of understanding and experience, and most Grippli who fled from Rhakor during The Reckoning were more than happy to throw their lot in with the other aquatic peoples of Kajir for no other reason than common security. Though still somewhat struggling to adapt to the fast-forming civilisation of The Magical Kingdom, these amphibious humanoids tend to be reclusive and spend a lot of their time engaging in scouting, hunting and generally any kind of activity that allows them to keep away from the crowds of Kajir yet still near enough to benefit from its protection.

Place of Origin:Grippli come from a world of swamps and muggy waters, and where never sure if they were the only people there due to never having an interest to stray beyond their lands and discover the world beyond it. Most Grippli now live on the fringes of the Kajir Kingdom, only going into the main settlements occasionally when need is high.

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