The Gunslinger Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Ultimate Combat supplement, p9. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Gunslingers of Tulun: Where once they were a bit of an oddity, Gunslingers are now a common sight across most of Tulun. Though most people have or can learn the aptitude to handle guns with a degree of safety, Gunslingers are masters of the ranged firearm, learning special techniques and skills that set them aside from fighters who just happen to be carrying guns. To them, using a firearm is as much an art as a tool for war, and many excel in more than one area of specialist firearms training. Since guns have become commonplace among armies and milita forces, many Gunslingers hire themselves out as mercenaries or have themselves come from the ranks of the armed forces. They are varied in their methods, with some pushing assaults on enemies at close range with twin barrels blazing, breaking ranks and demoralizing foes, whereas others are long-distance combatants, taking their time to line up the perfect shot and snipe enemies from a safe and often undetected distance. Regardless of their fighting styles, Gunslingers are the undisputed leaders in the theatre of firearms combat, and many seek to perfect their art even further.

Gunsligners of Enotia: Enotian Gunslingers are commonly seen as highly specialized but unpredictable freelancers, able to make firearms perform in a manner most can only hope to attempt. Since guns have become commonplace in the North it is not considered any more unusual to see someone with a pistol hung off their belt than it is a sword, but Gunslingers in Enotia follow no specific code of behaviour and rarely form organisations, showing no common appearance. One rarely knows if they are squaring off against a gunslinger until the first bullet flies….by which time it is far too late.

Gunsligners of Kajir: Gunslingers are relatively new in Kajir, considering they are a nation more familiar with swords and crossbows. Those that do use guns as their primary weapons are in the minority as though most fighters may carry a pistol, they prefer to keep it as an off-hand weapon to accompany a blade. Gunslingers take the unorthodox path of preferring the gun over any other weapon, and were the first to test out magictech elemental weapons for the military, being the only ones capable (and willing!) to use such unpredictable and deadly weapons.

Gunsligners of Mor-Denoch: Gunslingers in Mor-Denoch are treated much in the same manner as Fighters, seen as front-line soldiers and sell-swords. Though most would assume that the close-quarters that makes up a lot of the Subterranean Kingdom would favour the use of pistols, the vast majority of Gunslingers in Mor-Denoch prefer to use more powerful but shorter-ranged rifles, taking advantage of their stopping power.

Gunsligners of Midian: Midian was one of the first nations to realise the potential of blackpowder and, as such, have the longest tradition of firearm usage. While the majority of firearm users are regular soldiers, a significant number train further and master the art of the Gunslinger. More independant and free spirited than many within Midian society, the gunslinger is seen as a deadly assassin, a skilled mercenary or a wandering troublemaker. Many are all three and more.

Gunsligners of Omishiru: Despite the fact it was actually the Chemists of Omishiru who first developed the “Ash Powder” that would later go on to become Black Powder, firearms were considered unreliable, loud and uncouth by the swordsmen of Omishiru and have remained that way for some considerable time. Seeing how far the development of guns have come along however, the Dragon Emperor has started encouraging them among the ranks of the military, and some have found they have a particular talent for using firearms. Though not designated as such, these fighters are the Gunslingers and they are as deadly with a gun as most are with a blade.

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