Midian Hobgoblins normally do not have the standard Sneaky race feature and it is more common for them to have one of the alternate racial traits that replace Sneaky, such as Battle Hardened, Engineer, Fearsome, Magehunter, Pit Boss, Slave Hunter or Unfit (P121 Adv Race Guide). Otherwise they are the same as regular Pathfinder Hobgoblins, as described in The Bestiary p175 or Advanced Race Guide. p120. You can also find Racial Information on them on the d20pfSRD website.

XP Cost: 9,000

Tulan Hobgoblins (H’gogbin)

As the undisputed ruling elite of Midian, Hobgoblins (H’gogbin in their native tongue) hold all the power, most of the wealth and mould the Empire to their will. They control all major power bases and hold all the highest ranks of the military and government. While not inherently evil, their unsympathetic, driven, pragmatic and totalitarian mindset means they have little time for compassion – if something, or someone, is not useful then it is discarded or destroyed. Yet this same drive and efficiency means that unnecessary cruelty is seen as much of a waste of time as sentimentality – what is best for Midian is what happens. This means that life can be hard for those who do not serve a purpose and get in the way of the betterment of the empire, but those who benefit Midian are richly rewarded and celebrated.
Historically Hobgoblins tended to form small tribes that fought for dominance whenever they met, with individual leaders’ power shifting, ebbing and flowing constantly, but until the coming of the first great Warmaster Hazzard no one had ever united them as one people. He proved his right to rule by besting all other Hobgoblin leaders and even the Minar High chieftain. His ambition and vision meant that the raw, disparate goblinoid and monstrous tribes were re-forged into the mighty Midian Empire, a major player on the world stage for nearly 600 hundred years. Hazzard’s quick adoption of new technologies have also shaped the path that the nation took, with major industrialisation and mechanised warfare being defining traits of Hobgoblins and Midian in general.
Being more civilised, intelligent and cultured than many other races give them credit for, Hobgoblin society is structured very formally, something akin to nobility or military forms, but with individuals having to prove their worth rather than relying on family or friends to get them into favourable positions. Those who are best suited to rule do so without nepotism and continue in that role until such time as a more worthy candidate is found and usurps them. Warmaster Dorduken Ajin has been on the throne for over 50 years and many know he cannot hold power forever…

Place of Origin:

Nearly all Hobgoblins can be found in the Midian, but are spread fully across the Empire. Hobgoblins elsewhere are either rare political dissidents or refugees, or are on a particular mission for the Empire.

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