Mechanically-speaking, Ifrit in Pathfinder: Domain are identical to those found in the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide p126. You can also find Racial Information on them on the d20pfSRD website.

XP Cost: 6,000

Tulun Ifrit: Refugees from the Plane of Fire, Ifrits were among the first of the races to rally behind the idea of a unified Kajir, seeing the wisdom in so many disparate races working toward a common goal. The summoning to Tulun was traumatic for them (not just physically seeing as they appeared in a sky above open ocean then were literally plunged into an element wholly opposite-aligned with their own) but also drove them toward the newly-formed land with gusto and purpose, and their fiery, passionate demeanors encouraged them to fight for their new home-land and make the most of a situation they were thrust into without any prior preparation. Those Ifrit who do not spend most of their time travelling have a tendency to follow martial careers in Kajir, with many being involved in the design, construction and field-testing of magitech devices: they are the developers of the infamous “Firebomb Cannons” found aboard the flagship Waveglider-class Kajirian Warships.

Place of Origin: Originally from the plane of fire, Ifrits either spend their lives wandering or in service to Kajir as armed forces and engineers or against Kajir (and surrounding communities) as pirates of the Emerald Ocean.

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