The Magus Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Ultimate Magic supplement, p9. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Magus of Tulun: Magus (or Magi as they are known in some corners of the world) tread an unusual path between martial and magical prowess. Though some classes wield both, only the Magus comes close to truly balancing the two, and in the world of Tulun they are respected for their skills in both spheres of expertise. A Magus will often have the same interest in the pursuit of magic and knowledge as – say – a wizard might possess, but also has a strong sense of individual self-worth and independence inherent in many of the more martial classes such as fighters or barbarians. In a manner not dissimilar to Monks, many Magus travel the world seeking lore and perfecting styles in an attempt to reach a level of perfection for various different- reasons; from gaining power or prestige to accomplishing some motivating destiny. Generally independent, few Magus work closely together unless in times of war when they are often called upon to unleash powerful magics and lead armies, whereupon they share similar tactics for best possible effect. A Magus is not as restricted in their use of weapons and spells as many other classes, and their diversity means their skills are always in demand.

Magus of Enotia: First emerging in Enotia, Magus are a mix of the arcane and the technological and in many ways mirror the homeland from which they come. Though Magus exist in other cultures, and in some are more revered, there is no larger collection of them in the world than Enotia. In a land where magic and technology work in synergy, the Magus is a common sight, and they have plenty of resources to perfect their art.

Magus of Kajir: The Magus of Kajir revel in the prospect of mixing old and new; although to outsiders it seems as though the Kingdom of Kajir is heavily steeped toward magic, the truth is they Kajirans are a people who revere change and adaptation yet still understand the importance of tradition and one’s roots. A Magus gets to mix the old ways with the new, ensuring that they learn both to allow them to do great deeds. In Kajir this is seen as a most respectable career, though not everyone has an aptitude for it. In the West Magus have as much social standing as Wizards and Clerics, in some ways even more so.

Magus of Mor-Denoch: Magus of Mor-Denoch often work alongside Alchemists, Wizards and Fighters and bridge the gap between the various professions. Part magic and part technology, they are the first to try new inventions which require a degree of skill with either. Due to their potentially unpredictable skill-set Magus in Mor-Denoch are highly regulated by the Clerics, and in return they get access to resources they would normally struggle to attain. Despite this fact many activists against the Clerics and the Elder Council take their number from Magus, who struggle under the yoke of oppression especially when they know the sort of power the common man could wield with the right training.

Magus of Midian: There are very few arcane magic users in Midian and this martial caster is one of the rarest, yet best respected. Using magic as a weapon is still feared, but more relatable to the average Midian citizen. Individual, focused and deadly, the Magus of Midain have to be both smart and strong to survive in a hostile society.

Magus of Omishiru: Magus are a relatively new addition to Omishiru, the idea came over from Enotia that machines and magic can be mixed, something that had remained two very separate forces in the Eastern Kingdom up until that point. With the greater acceptance of guns in the East however, the idea of a Magus did not seem too far fetched and many individuals with magical capabilities began learning the ways and adapting them to Omishiran ways of life. Now most Magus act as artillery magicians in times of war, raining fire and lightning down on the enemies of the Empire then closing on them in close-quarters with a katana in one hand and a pistol in the other.

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