Descendants and evolutionary off-shoots from the Minotaur, Minar are more intelligent, resourceful and adaptable than their ancestors, though they do sometimes show similar feral tendencies when provoked..

XP Cost: 21,000

Land of Origin: Originally from Midian in the South, the vast majority of Minar traveled north to Rhokar before its destruction. The remainder of Minar can be found in the Northern Kingdom of Enotia or in their original homeland of Midian.

The Minar are a race of bovine humanoids who evolved as a sub-species from their Minotaur ancestry approximately six hundred-thousand years ago during The Mythic Era. Though physically similar to Minotaurs, Minar are considerably different in many other respects: they are less animalistic and possess a more rational, curious mindset and do not suffer from the aggressive tendencies of their ancestors. Though capable of considerable passion that may occasionally progress to aggression, they are no more or less violent than the average Human. Though they are somewhat less adaptive than many other races they do possess a highly developed tribal society which has a close connection with the world around them and they have developed a strong sense of spirituality.
Though much of Minar civilization has developed in the shadow of the less civilized and often violent species of the South, Minar are well-known for their quiet demeanor and non-impulsive attitudes, something which make these hulking individuals even more intimidating when they do lose their temper; a sudden and often fatal reminder of their Minotaur lineage.
The Minar were citizens of Midian until 400 BR when, suffering great guilt for the part they played in the invasion of Rhakor in 577 BR Minar diplomats crossed the Midian/Rhakor border in direct violation of the Midian Warmaster’s edict to make peace plans with the Rhakorians. For their “transgression” these diplomats were labelled ‘Traitors of Midian’ and were subject to execution if they returned.
The Minar of Midian protested (at first peacefully and then more aggressively) but the strict
Hobgoblin-controlled Midian regime turned on them harshly and open conflict broke out on the streets of the Kingdom. Though singularly powerful combatants the Minar were simply
outnumbered and were forced to flee the cities resulting in hundreds of thousands of refugees having to leave their homelands in Midian and cross into Rhakor where, luckily, they were welcomed with open arms and accepted. Alas, though the Minar proved themselves valuable and loyal members of Rhakor after swearing fealty to their King, they were forced to leave their new home with the destruction of Rhakor in the time of The Reckoning. Most traveled north to Enotia but some desperate souls headed south toward Midian.

Physical Description:
Minar stand at between seven and nine feet in height and tend to have powerful, muscular builds. Covered in a fine soft fur across their entire bodies, they often keep this trimmed and well-kept compared to their Minotaur cousins who wear it shaggy and wild. Both males and females have large horns protruding from the side of their skulls which are often used for both ritual and practical combat purposes, though the bulls’ horns tend to be considerably larger than the females.
Minar have partially humanoid hands but have hooves instead of feet and possess a small vestigial tail which is nonprehensile and a throwback from their Minotaur origins. Hair is
often worn long and braided and males sport elaborate beards (also often braided or plated). Minar prefer to wear natural fabrics such as leather and silks, and their clothes tend to be practical and tight-fitting in nature. The only exception to this are ceremonial robes which are usually free-flowing and covered in ornate runic designs. Their eyes tend to have the same variety as a Human as far as colour is concerned, but hazel browns are
very common among females. Their fur/hair can be of any colour and hue and quite often has patterning of other colours mixed in with a base colour. A Minar’s fur patterning is always unique to the individual though certain pattern groups are passed
down through generations.


• +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence: Minar are large and physically powerful but lack somewhat in fine motor skills and in some areas of academia.

• Large: Minar are large creatures and as such have the following modifiers: +2 STR (already factored in), -2 DEX (already factored in), -1 AC, -1 Attack Rolls, +1 CMB, +1 CMD, -4 Stealth Checks, and have a 5ft reach)

• Darkvision 60ft: Minar can see in the dark up to 60ft.

• Natural Armour: Minar have tough, leathery skin that affords them a +2 Racial bonus to Natural Armour AC.

• Stability Minar receive a +4 racial bonus to their CMD when resisting bull rush or trip attempts while standing on the ground.

• Powerful Strikes: Minar gain Power Attack as a free feat.

• Powerful Charge: Whenever a Minar charges, it deals twice the number of damage dice with the gore attack plus 1-1/2 times its Strength bonus.

• Natural Cunning: Minar possess innate cunning and logical ability. This gives them immunity to maze spells and prevents them from ever becoming lost. Further, they are never caught flat-footed.

• Languages: Minar begin play speaking Common and Giant. Furthermore, choose up to seven languages (except for Druidic or other secret languages). Members of this race with high Intelligence scores can choose from any of these additional languages.

Minar developed from a simple tribal society built around a nomadic lifestyle and although
they have developed on this, most Minar still follow a core set of beliefs that allow them to work within the confines of nature rather than try to harness it for their own ends. Though they spent many years under the oppression of Hobgoblin masters in the South working primarily as front-lines oldiers and warriors, they never really lost their connection to ancient rites and Shamanistic tendencies.
Although the Minar settled among the Humans of Rhakor easier than they thought,their second home was destroyed by the coming of The Reckoning and they found themselves on the move once again. While some ventured west, east and even south the vast majority headed north to the Kingdom of Enotia, which most closely resembled their lifestyle in the destroyed Kingdom.

Minar generally get on with most other races, willing to give them the benefit of the
doubt in the first instance. There is an in-built dislike for Hobgoblins due to the way they were treated as a people under their “guidance” while in Midian, and also a heavy distrust for Minotaurs whom they see as savage and barbaric.
Due to good experiences stemming from their exodus to Rhokar, most Minar get along very well with Humans as well as Nim’ari and Gnomes, two people who revere or at least appreciate the importance of nature.

Alignment & Religion:
The vast majority of Minar follow Oeylla, Goddess of Nature & Animals, though they also conduct in spirit worship as well – especially animal totems. Though Oevlla is the
most common of the Twelve who are worshiped, she is by far not the only one. Minar had no Clerics before relocating to Rhakor but many have picked up the mantle of other religions and are not restricted in their practicing beliefs. Due to their love of freedom many Minar have leanings toward chaotic alignments, though they can choose from any.

Minar adventurers tend to be extroverts and particularly protective of their travelling companions, whether they be humanoids, spirits or animals. Due to their inherent strength and durability they tend to play roles that put them in the thick of the action. Though they have become more home-proud since leaving Midian many are still burdened with a wanderlust that makes it difficult for them to stay in the same place for too long. Even the most civilized or industrial Minar still possess a deep appreciation for nature and they tend to favour professions that allow them to travel the wild world.

Male Names: Klorm, Nurn, Rurth, Vorl, Gronn, Nurth
Female Names: Selna, Ishala, Orisal, Eminsir, Ebella, Lerisir

Favoured Class Options:

Barbarian: Add +1 to the barbarian’s base speed. In combat this option has no effect unless the barbarian has selected it five times (or other increment of five).This stacks with regular barbarian class feature)

Druid: 1 ft. fast movement when in wild shape. (5 feet fast movement for every five times you select this option.)

Ranger: Add +1 hit point to the ranger’s animal companion. If the Minar ever replaces his animal companion, the new animal companion gains these bonus hit points.

Alternate Racial Traits:

  • Advanced Constitution: Occasionally a Minar will be born with a slightly softer, smoother skin than the coarse, leathery hide that the vast majority of their race possess. Though there is no visible difference, these Minar have instead developed a more robust immune system to compensate for the lack of natural armour. These Minar posses an additional +2 to their Constitution score, added for free at character creation. This replaces Natural Armour.
  • Battle Hardened: Though Minar have evolved from their Minotaur cousins and look for alternatives to violence, more than a few possess a natural affinity for combat and seem to know instinctively how to fight from a very early age. These Minar gain a permanent +1 Racial Modifier to their CMD score. This replaces Natural Cunning.
  • Cornered Fury : When a Minar with this racial ability is reduced to 1/2 or less than their maximum hit points and has no viable ally within 30ft, they fight with a ferocious, renewed vigor in an attempt to survive. They gain a +2 Racial Bonus to Melee Attack rolls and +2 to AC. This replaces Powerful Strikes.
  • Stubborn: Minar are well-known for seeing something through once they have set their mind to it, and while this can be seen as beneficial in some ways, it can also be seen as a type of stubbornness. They gain a +2 racial bonus on Will saving throws to resist spells and spell-like abilities of the enchantment (charm) and enchantment (compulsion) subschools. In addition, if this Minar fails such a save, it receives another save 1 round later to prematurely end the effect (assuming the spell or spell-like ability has a duration greater than 1 round). This second save is made at the same DC as the first. This replaces Powerful Charge.

Racial Archetypes:


Red Rager (Barbarian)

Any Minar who takes up arms against an enemy is a terrible foe, but none so notorious than the Red Rager. Originally trained in Midian in the time than the Minar were part of that regime, Red Ragers are unpredictable, fearless beserkers who were sent to break enemy army formations. Even moreso than the average barbarian, Red Ragers have little to no idea what is going on when the “red rage” takes them, and as such are trained to control when to hold steady and when to let go; primarily because allies are in as much danger as enemies when a Red Rager is in full swing. Often hiring themselves out to mercenary forces or those who can afford their services, these Minar have a reputation for being “pointed at an enemy, and then that enemy dies”.

Class Features: A Red Rager has the following class features:

Red Rage (Ex): The “Red Rage” that a Red Rager enters is similar to that of a regular Barbarian, but even more intense. Get the original “Rage” ability and make the following alterations: Rather than a + 4 Bonus to Strength and Constitution, and a + 2 to Will Saves, a Red Rager in a rage gets + 6 to Strength, no bonus to Constitution, but is completely impervious to any mind-altering effects, including fear. They also register no pain, but can be slowed by damage to their legs – they just don’t realize it themselves. Unlike a normal Barbarian a Red Rager cannot choose to end their Red Rage voluntarily, it must run its course (4+Constitution modifier in rounds) and although the Red Rager only suffers the effects of Fatigue for a number of rounds equal to their constitution modifier (recovering from it quicker than a regular barbarian would), it is also more debilitating: for the number of rounds the Red Rager is in recovery they are classed as being Prone.

Control & Focus (Ex): At 2nd level the Red Rager gets a +4 to Will Saves specifically for the purposes of saving against entering Red Rage prematurely (either through mind-altering effects, being coerced into it, etc). This increases to +5 at level 4, +6 at level 10 and +7 at level 15. This cannot be used for any other Will checks.

Fast Movement (Ex): Identical to the Barabarian ability of the same name.

Rage Powers: The following rage powers complement the Red Rager archetype: Animal Fury, Internal Fortitude, Knockback, Mighty Swing, No Escape, Raging Leaper, Terrifying Howl, inspire ferocity, overbearing advance, reckless abandon .

Damage Reduction (Ex) Identical to the Barabarian ability of the same name.

Greater Rage (Ex): Similar to the Barbarian Ability, but increases Strength to +8 and they gain a +2 to Constitution.

Tireless Rage (Ex): Identical to the Barbarian Ability, but also removes the Prone status

Mighty Rage (Ex): Similar to the Barbarian Ability, but increases Strength to +10 and Constitution to +4


Shaman (Druid)

The Minar Shaman are followers of an ancient path of Spirit Animal veneration, considering them to be more of “the world” than the Gods, seeing them as respected ancestors, allies, mentors and deities in their own right. If a Minar chooses to become a Shaman, the player picks a Spirit Animal Totem with which they share a powerful bond:

Ape Shamans tend to be calm and peaceful, but venerate strength and protection.

Bat Shamans tend to be fast and agile with an even better grasp of direction than the average Minar.

Bear Shamans tend to be like the bears they revere: quiet and slow but possessing of great strength and ferocity should the need arise.

Boar Shamans are solitary but dangerous if provoked, just like the Totem Spirit Animal they share a connection with.

Dragon Shamans tend to be all slightly different from each other, but each is more cunning or wise than they let on.

Eagle Shamans tend to be perceptive and proud, suspicious but loyal.

Lion Shamans are regal and imposing, hunting only to live and protectors of the wild places.

Saurian Shamans are solitary, aggressive and territorial, being among the most destructive and confrontational of all Shaman.

Serpent Shamans are stealthy, patient and manipulative. They tend to misdirect rather than confront, but can strike rapidly if the need arises.

Shark Shamans are peerless hunters who leave others in fear to enter their territories.

Wolf Shamans are probably the most social of all Shaman, just as likely to be encountered in a group as remaining on their own.

New Racial Rules:

The following options are available to Minar. At the GMs discretion, other appropriate races may make use of some of these new rules.

Fraxin Equipment

Minar have access to the following equipment:

Minar Waraxe These intricately-carved, massive hand-axes are used in two hands by Minar warriors. Far too large for any medium-sized humanoid to wield effectively, they simply cannot be used by anyone of size Medium or smaller (even with magical aid, they would just be too unwieldy even if they could be held).


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