The Monk Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, p56. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Monks of Tulun: Originally hailing from Omishiru, where the first Monks were the prime practical followers of ‘Ki’. The Omishiran Monks were part strict followers of the ways of inner equilibrium and also physical martial perfection. It was they who spread the word and philosophy of Ki to the world, and since then the belief has spread across the globe and changed as it was exposed to various cultures, yet the basic tenets remain the same: balance in all things, and perfection of the self. Ki became so widespread that it took on a religious following, so much so that when the Church of the Twelve was established, the force of Ki was considered the twelfth ‘god’. Now Monks can be found across the world, and some are religious and others are not. They all still follow the basic beliefs of Ki however, as a life-style as much as anything else, and while they have slight cultural variations they are all physical exemplars whose signature fighting styles are unmistakable.

Monks of Enotia: Monks are a new phenomenon to Enotia. First introduced when travellers to the Far East came back with stories of people whose physical prowess seemed to defy the laws of physics, they were shrouded in mystery and awe by the people of the North. Only in the last decade as Omishirans have begun to travel the world have the secrets of their teachings found their way into the hands of the select few who could afford – or were deemed worthy enough – to learn.

Monks of Kajir: Kajiran Monks are a rare sight, but are gaining in popularity. Since word of their teachings from the East many fighters of Kajir have found they share an affinity with the high mobility of Monk martial styles, and many have adapted them into elementally-fused martial arts techniques. Where Kajiran Monks vary from their normal counterparts is in the execution of their acts. Monks originally stem from Ki which teaches inner balance and equilibrium, whereas the life of Kajiran embodies self-fulfilment through passion and personal growth, and this has developed into the Kajiran Monks’ fighting style which is often aggressive, unpredictable and very fast.

Monks of Mor-Denoch: Monks in Mor-Denoch are rare and those that do exist learn their ways in secret. Frowned upon by the Elder Council and especially the Clerics, the way of the Monk teaches personal perfection, something that the ruling classes do not want to promote. The people of Mor-Denoch are ruled primarily through fear and a need to rely on their “betters”, to offer an alternative is to incite independent thought and possible revolution.

Monks of Midian: There are long traditions of monastic orders among the people of Midian, particularly the Hobgoblins. The Ironskin monks, who practice various durability enhancing techniques, are a particularly well known group, but many others exist teaching the importance of martial excellence through personal physical perfection.

Monks of Omishiru: Originating in Omishiru, the way of the Monk is an ancient tradition that was practised by both the Dracen and the Vishkanya even before they became allies, and has adapted over the years from a philosophy of equilibrium to a powerful martial fighting style. Through the teachings of Ki the light-footed Monks rarely resort to violence but when they do so they are as living weapons of speed, grace and accuracy, rarely even needing weapons in their hands to cause harm, incapacitate or kill a foe.

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