Mechanically-speaking, Nim’ari in Pathfinder: Domain are identical to Elves found in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game p22. You can also find Racial Information on them on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

XP Cost: 10,000

Tulun Nim’ari: The oldest humanoid race on the planet, the Nim’ari have an almost unfathomably long history and a deep connection to the world. Living longer than most other races they often seem slow or hesitant to act, but their planning can take years or even centuries to develop and as such they see most other races as too hasty, something which can make them seem lofty or arrogant.
Nim’ari also have a powerful connection with magic, and possess some of the most powerful spell-casters on the planet. Having been practicing magic as a species longer than many races have even existed, it is something that comes as naturally to them as breathing does to most other races. This works as a crutch when it comes to technology however, because although Nim’ari are among the most civilized of all races, they often struggle to put their faith in non-sentient devices and “things” when they feel magic would do the job ultimately better.
Affected terribly by the banishment of magic, the Nim’ari were unable to adapt without it and many died out making their already dwindling racial numbers even lower. Though just about able to survive as a race when the magic returned during The Reckoning, they have since found their birth-rate considerably reduced.
Nim’ari are highly spiritual people. and worship The Twelve in a slightly different manner to many of the other races, in so far as they knew the Gods were real even before they revealed themselves at the time of The Reckoning. Ancient Nim;ari texts mention of the first war between the Gods and the Titans, a war which they helped them win, alongside the Dragons.
The Golden Age of the Nim’ari is long since gone, their empires turned to dust and only their texts remaining as a testament to what has gone before, but most now live among the other “civilized” races in the north. Some do travel however, and the eastern Kingdom of Omishuru is a favourite place to seek out knowledge of other cultures and ways of life.

Place of Origin: Although they once ruled the entire planet, the Nim’ari now tend to share the north with their Human allies and can be found in the Kingdom of Enotia.

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