The Ninja Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Ultimate Combat supplement, p13. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Ninjas of Tulun: Like the Monk and the Samurai, the Ninja was once found only in the eastern Kingdom of Omishiru but has since become a world-wide feature across Tulun. Masters of stealth and assassination they vary from Rogues in that they use their skills primarily for assassination and sabotage, and possess a more focused skill-set than the jack-of-all-trades that is the Rogue. First developed by the Vishkanya to battle against the Dracen, these shadowy assassins have progressed past the borders of the Dragon Empire and can be found in most cultures who have their own take on what it means to be ‘Ninja’.

Ninjas of Enotia: No Ninja exist in Enotia, or at least none are known to exist. The role of assassins and shadow-steppers are firmly in the hands of the long-established Thieves Guilds.

Ninjas of Kajir: Ninjas are not especially prevalent in Kajir, and those that do exist are usually outsiders who have settled in that land. Though individuals who act like Ninja are quite common in Kajir (Assassins and Pirates among them), there is no official presence of Ninja within the Western Kingdoms.

Ninjas of Mor-Denoch: Though once a rarity in the subterranean realm, Ninjas have begun to operate with increasing frequency Mor-Denoch. Comprised of “Houses” that are comparable (though considerably less powerful) than the Clans of Omishiru, these trained assassins commonly work for the Elder Council (either directly or without knowledge) and are the unofficial arm when compared to the ‘legalized’ Inquisitors.

Ninjas of Midian: These assassins appear to have no presence within Midian, and that is exactly what they want people to believe. Working within the shadows, the art of the ninja is a subtle one. While the tendancy is for situations to be resolved more directly in Midian, there is still a place for an undetected theft, a subtle investigation or a quiet death.

Ninjas of Omishiru: Ninja have existed in Omishiru for thousands of years, originally created by the low-born commoners in response to the reign of a particularly egotistical Emperor that the Samurai were sworn to follow and protect. Lacking the resources or status of the Samurai these men and women clothed themselves in shadow and subterfuge, using poison and surprise tactics to defeat the better armed and armoured Samurai warriors. A voice of the common people, with the passing of the title of Emperor, the Ninja did not dissolve but instead vanished, and in the years that followed they became more organised and structured, forming into Clans and following traditions set down by their masters.

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