Phase 2: Edict


The Edict Phase is when you make proclamations on expansion, improvements, taxation, holidays, and so on. You do this in 6 steps.

Step 1—Assign Leadership: Assign PCs or NPCs to any vacant leadership roles or change the roles being filled by particular PCs or closely allied NPCs (see Leadership Roles).

Step 2—Claim and Abandon Hexes: For your kingdom to grow, you must claim additional hexes. You can only claim a hex that is adjacent to at least 1 other hex in your kingdom. Before you can claim it, the hex must first be explored, then cleared of monsters and dangerous hazards (see parts 1 and 2 of Founding The Kingdom for more details). Then, to claim the hex, spend 1 BP; this establishes the hex as part of your kingdom and increases your kingdom’s Size by 1. Table: Improvement Edicts tells you the maximum number of hexes you can claim per turn.

You may abandon any number of hexes to reduce your kingdom’s Size (which you may wish to do to manage Consumption). Doing so increases Unrest by 1 for each hex abandoned (or by 4 if the hex contained a settlement). This otherwise functions like losing a hex due to unrest (see Step 4 of the Upkeep Phase).

Step 3—Build Terrain Improvements: You may spend BP to build terrain improvements like Farms, Forts, Roads, Mines, and Quarries (see “Terrain Improvements”,Table 4-6 on p214 of Ultimate Campaign).

You may also prepare a hex for constructing a settlement. Depending on the site, this may involve clearing trees, moving boulders, digging sanitation trenches, and so on. See the Preparation Cost column on Table 4-6: Terrain and Terrain Improvements (p214 Ultimate Campaign) to determine how many BP this requires.

Step 4—Create and Improve Settlements: You may create a settlement in a claimed hex (see Founding The Kingdom). Table 4-4: Improvement Edicts (p209 Ultimate Campaign) tells you the maximum number of settlements you can establish per turn.

You may construct a building in any settlement in your kingdom. The list of available building types begins. When a building is completed, apply its modifiers to your kingdom sheet. Table: 4-4 Improvement Edicts (p209 Ultimate Campaign) tells you the maximum number of buildings you can construct in your kingdom per turn. The first House, Mansion, Noble Villa, or Tenement your kingdom builds each turn does not count against that limit.

Step 5—Create Army Units: You may create, expand, equip, or repair army units (see Mass Combat, p234 Ultimate Campaign).

Step 6—Issue Edicts: Select or adjust your edict levels (see Edicts p208 Ultimate Campaign, or the Edicts page for more information).

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Phase 2: Edict

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