The Rogue Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, p67. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Rogues of Tulun: To live by one’s wits, to adhere to a life of subterfuge, cunning and misdirection, this is the calling of the Rogue. As varied a path as can be chosen, rogues cover many facets of life that others cannot bring themselves to do, and there is and always will be a need for people of that ilk. Assassins, charlatans, burglars, guerrilla commandos, spies, political advisers; anything that requires a level of stealth or subtlety come under the domain of the rogue. Masters of the silent act, they are the shadowy hand behind major events often hired to ensure a diplomatic envoy never reaches their destination, a vital trade agreement goes missing or the right whisper finds its way to the right ear at court. Many rogues are able combatants, using the situation and their environment to their advantage, yet spend more time outside of conflict than in, knowing that their success hinges on their ability to control their situation.

Rogues of Enotia: For as long as the cities have stood in Enotia there have been rogues. From beggars and pick-pockets to charlatans and assassins, where there have been people there has been want, and where there has been want there have been people willing to take what they need. Although there are countless freelance rogues in Enotia, over the years the more successful have banded together and through mutual protection an official Thieves Guild was established a few hundred years before The Reckoning. Mirroring and working with the one that existed in Rhakor, they kept crime organised and – to some degree – civilised, and although Rhakor is gone the Thieves Guild of Enotia still strives and sooner or later any Rogue who wants to get ahead of the game learns of them.

Rogues of Kajir: The Rogues of Kajir are legendary. Highly skilled, fast, charming and daring, most are rarely seen as the criminals they are, but instead immortalised in story and song as those who dare to try and often succeed. Unfortunately it is common for a rogue from Kajir to fall prey to their own ego, and it has been the downfall of many a shadow-stepper. Though this is the most common depiction of a Rogue in Kajir, there are many more who are silent, cautious, patient and especially proficient.

Rogues of Mor-Denoch: If ever there was an environment ideally suited to the life of a Rogue, it is that of Mor-Denoch. Dark semi-lit tunnels, thousands of hiding places within each step and a society that respects and understands the importance of stealth and subterfuge all amount to somewhere where a rogue could feel at home. Ironic then that so many meet their deaths early in such a place, and more so that most of those are rogue. The ones that survive however are often hardened, calculating, cruel and above all else – successful.

Rogues of Midian: Where there is wealth, there is poverty. Where there are haves, there are have-nots. Where there are laws, there are law breakers. The rogues of Midian are a constant thorn in the side of the empire, taking what they have not ‘earnt’, flaunting the structures and conventions of ‘polite’ society and generally sticking two fingers up at those who think they are better than them. While normally Goblins, anyone who finds themselves down on their luck may find they are on the wrong side of the law and need to learn to flourise there or face the consequences.

Rogues of Omishiru: Rogues in Omishiru tend to be considerably less martial than those in other cultures, instead filling the roles of confidants, poisoners, spies and information gatherers. Assassins and stealth-warriors are generally the domain of Ninjas, but for political subtlety and striking from plain sight, Rogues have the edge that most Ninja lack. Often in positions of confidence such as advisers, courtesans or confidants, Rogues live by their wits at all times.

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