The Summoner Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide, p54. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website

Summoners of Tulun: One of the most misunderstood and feared of all magic-users in Tulun, Summons are mistakenly seen as traffickers of demons and incorrectly assumed to be the laymen’s explanation for the return of the Titans during The Reckoning. Even among other magic-users this rumour persists, and Summoners often find that they cannot even find solace in the company of other Arcane wielders. This stigma follows them even now, though luckily most non-magic users often confuse Summoners with Sorcerers. Summoners for their part care little for the opinions of others, sharing a deeper connection with their eidolons than their fellow men and women. Only Witches, with their connection to an otherworldly force, do not fear Summoners on face value, and share an affinity with them due to suffering persecution for no other reason than other peoples’ ignorance.

Summoners of Enotia: Though Sorcerers survived the group fear of magic users around the time of The Reckoning, Summoners were not quite so lucky. Linked directly to the “Summoning” of the Titans, most common folk saw them as the reason for the calamity and most were forced into hiding. When the truth was revealed many years later about the Rhakorian Archbishop, people were still wary of Summoners and despite coming out of hiding some twenty years ago, people are still uneasy around Summoners and the use of their magics alone are often enough to make people panic. While not outlawed in Enotia, Summoners tend to act with caution in the North.

Summoners of Kajir: Little distinction exists between Sorcerers and Summoners in Kajir, Summoners are treated with the same respect as their Sorcerer brothers and sisters, and are commonly referred to as Sorcerers by the layman. In fact, most – including Sorcerers and Summoners themselves to some extent – consider Summoners to be merely a very specialized form of Sorcerer.

Summoners of Mor-Denoch: Summoners are rare in Mor-Denoch. For reasons nobody truly understands, only a very rare few possess the ability to summon creatures beneath the earth, let alone the eidolons that make Summoners so famous. Due to their rarity Summoners are kept a close eye on by the Mor-Denochian government and most are pressed into service by them due to their shortage of Summoners compared to other cultures.

Summoners of Midian: Only one step down from the Sorcerer, Summoners are seen as misguided and dangerous individuals who seek to ally themselves with dangerous other worldly beings. However, as their powers are seen as more predictable and more obvious, they are treated at least as less of an unknown threat. Still, they had better not stick around if a rampaging monster is on the loose, lest they get the blame. The exception are those who press their Eidolon into military service and lead their ally into war for the glory of the empire.

Summoners of Omishiru: Summoners in Omishiru are treated with respect and reverence for their ability to call forth “Kami" (spirits) to do their bidding. In the Eastern Kingdom they are seen as allies to these spirits rather than their dominators, and the Summoners do seem to share a deep connection with the things they summon, not just their eidolons. In times of war Summoners often step up to help without having to be asked, and for that they are often rewarded with the boon of local Lords or sometimes even the favour of the Dragon Emperor himself (though not in person, of course). To be a Summoner in Omishiru is considered a worthy profession, among the greatest of the arcane spell-casters.

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