Mechanically-speaking, Vishkanya in Pathfinder: Domain are identical to those found in the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide p208. You can also find Racial Information on them on the d20pfSRD website.

XP Cost: 13,000

Tulun Vishkanya: Quiet, graceful and deadly, the Vishkanya could very well be the leaders of the Dragon Empire and it is only a matter of history that they are not. When the Humans met the slumbering Dragons in Omishiru in the distant past, the offspring of those two races were either Dracen or Vishkanya. Despite physiological and moral differences, the two species shared a parentage and to begin with they worked together. Familiarity breeds contempt however and eventually the two species came to blows, breaking into two distinct cultures and waging war on one another. Though the details are lost to history, both the Dracen and Vishkanya held the land at many points over the years, and fighting between them was legendary. Eventually however, it was a mutual enemy – the Naga and their Nagaji warriors – who united the two people in a common cause. By the time the battle was won and the Naga retreated, the remaining Dracen outnumbered the Vishkanya and tried to force them to yield, but the Vishkanya retreated and vanished. Over the years that followed the Vishkanya continued to strike at the Dracen using sneak attacks, poisoning and other evasive techniques. In this, the Vishkanya are the originators of the Ninja class, and they were experts at it. In 345 BR the Dragon Emperor conceded that the Kingdom as a whole was becoming too weakened by the constant infighting, and sat down with the Vishkanya leaders and hammered out a peace. Though tenuous, this has lasted for hundreds of years with the Vishkanya (technically) being of equal status as members of the Dragon Empire.

Place of Origin: Vishkanya can be found anywhere, but their homeland is and always will be, Omishiru. Believing they have as much right (in many cases more so) to the land as the Dracen, few wish to be far from their land for longer than they need to be.

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