The Wizard Class is identical as far as the rules are concerned to the class of the same name found in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, p77. You can also find the information on the class on the Pathfinder SRD Website.

Wizards of Tulun: Wizards represent the more researched and learned areas of magical expertise, using experiments, methodologies and co-operative tutoring to unlock the mysteries of magic. While some possess the innate ability to cast magic, Wizards believe that all have that potential, assuming they are dedicated enough to learn how to do so. Approaching magic from an almost scientific angle, they see it as another thing to be mastered and controlled, rebuffing the popular thought that magic is raw and chaotic. Like nature, they see magic as something which can be harnessed, understood, and controlled for the betterment of everyone on Tulun. Of course, many Wizards also understand the power associated with controlling the mystical arts, and more than one has been seduced by the promise of power and used magic for their own ends. Regardless, the organization and structured method Wizards take in their approach to study has made them the main authority on mystical arts, and their many academies and guilds across the world are testament to their ability.

Wizards of Enotia: The Wizards of Enotia are the embodiment of the “classical” Wizard: Organised, driven and obsessed with research, they spend much of their lives learning about and perfecting magical spells, which they do so with an almost scientific approach, considering most to be “experiments” that they can control and manipulate. Often somewhat older than the average adventurer due to the many years of training they undergo, Wizards can be found in any of the Colleges and Academies that exist in the various towns and cities of the region.

Wizards of Kajir: Wizards of Kajir are generally individuals who crave the same power and adoration that Sorcerers receive yet lack the ability to spontaneously create magic. Instead dedicating their lives to unlocking and learning magic through a more research-based method, they are a lot more secretive and guarded than their Sorcererous counterparts, and are commonly feared by the general populace who worry about what they get up to in their fortified towers. A collection of like-minded individuals, Wizards in Kajir are commonly referred to as “Warlocks”.

Wizards of Mor-Denoch: Though heavily regulated by The Elder Council and The Clerics, Wizards in Mor-Denoch are encouraged to persue their career in magic and are given the resources and opportunities to do so. Being a Wizard is a genuine way (and reason) to raise one’s station in the Underground Kingdom, and those who possess even the slightest magical potential rarely turn down that opportunity. The trade-off that all Wizards soon discover is that in times of war all Wizards are expected to protect the realm in just the same manner a soldier is: having their powers utilized on the battlefield to best effect.

Wizards of Midian: While no magic user is encouraged in Midian, the wizard is nearly accepted. At least wizards have to study, treating magic more like a science. While it is a long way off for the arcane arts to become part of Midian society, if any path is taken it is most likely to be that of the wizard. Discrete wizard colleges have begun to appear in Midian cities and there is even some discussion about wizard units within the military.

Wizards of Omishiru: Wizards in Omishiru are actually quite rare, and find that they have their work cut out for them compared to the relative ease that Sorcerers tend to live in. Most consider their work to be inferior to that of most spell-casters and cite that Clerics, Oracles, Sorcerers and Summoners do not need to research their magic, and that Wizards pursue a path not meant for them. Despite this, the mind of a true wizard is not so easily deterred, and though society does not generally take what they do seriously or consider them “crack-pots”, coupled with the fact that their obsessive pursuit of magic tends to alienate them from others, many who succeed in unlocking the true potential of magic end up being among the most powerful spell-casters in the East.

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