Mechanically-speaking, Aasimar in Pathfinder: Domain are identical to those found in the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide p84. You can also find Racial Information on them on the d20pfSRD website.

XP Cost: 15,000

Tulun Aasimar: Aasimar, those who possess part Celestial heritage, were once a common sight on the world of Tulun. When the Gods walked the lands and their Angelic Hosts interacted with the mortals, the occasional Nephalim would make its way into the world through the coupling of Angels and Humans. Nobody was ever certain why Human women were capable of bringing such celestial half-breeds to term, but no other race among the myriad of Tulun’s people seemed to possess the ability to have offspring from couplings with celestial creatures.
When the Gods left the world and the magic vanished, so did the celestial spark of the Aasimar, reverting those who had once been touched with the divine wholly mortal. Most found the lack of a deific connection too harrowing and the emptiness is brought force them to take their own lives, but many more managed to adapt to being Human.
Aasimar became all but forgotten until the time of the Reckoning: Magic and The Gods violently erupted back into the world and descendants who still possessed the inactive divine spark of their ancestors suddenly found themselves imbued with Celestial power and many struggled to control it. Other Aasimar were pulled in via the dimensional rift over The Emerald Sea and became trapped in Tulun when the Goddess Juhemi finally managed to seal the breach. A few rare others are the product of Angelic / Human couplings since the time of The Reckoning, those these are in minority.
Often mistaken for wingless Angels in smaller communities or areas where they are not often found, Aasimar carry with them a certain mystique which tends to make people think upon them favourably. Most people assume Aasimar to be paragons of goodness and while this is most certainly often the case, many are as selfish or evil as any Human and often prey on others predispositions toward them.

Place of Origin: Aasimar can be found anywhere where Humans reside, whom they feel most affinity with. Wide-spread across the world, the largest actual concentration of Aasimar can be found in Kajir however, having fled to the newly created isle after being deposited in Tulun from their home dimensions.

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