Dream, Love, Fight, Create.
Live with Passion.

Goddess of Love & Passion

Holy Colour: Hers is the colour RED, of blood and passion.
Alignment: CG
Domains: Charm, Community, Healing, Liberation, Luck.
Favoured Weapon: Gauntlet
Centers of Worship: Enotia and Kajir mostly, sometimes worshiped in Midian.

Baelyne (pronounced ‘Bay-linn’) is said to exist in a garden of delights in Valael, set in a perpetual warm summers’ night. Surrounded by souls and Angels, she moves through the crowds acting as a hostess and bringing joy to everyone she encounters. Like a continual evening’s party, her garden consists of a large hedge-maze in the fashion enjoyed by the aristocracy of Earth during the Renaissance period in Europe. Wine always flows, food is always available, conversation always vibrant and engaging, and people follow their passions.
It is this pleasure-seeking behavior that Baelyne likes to see others engage in, and she always encourages mortals to follow their hearts desire above all else; sometimes even the laws set down by the communities she also considers important.

Like all the Gods, Baelyne’s appearance is dependent upon who looks at her, and her species tends to change to match the viewer: in essence they see what they are most comfortable with. She is almost always female in appearance, and full of figure, but Baelyne does occasionally take on the appearance of a dapper male. Regardless, they are always attractive to an almost otherworldly level, and she dresses predominantly in red.
Disinterested in violence, Baelyne acted as a healer in both the Titanswar and The Reckoning, keeping Gods, Angels and supporters in the battle. Ever-merciful, she even tended the wounds of the incarcerated Titans after the conflicts, seeing no reason to have them suffer regardless of their intentions.
A healer and pleasure seeker, these are the tenets that Baelyne promotes in others, and looks favorably upon anyone who follows their hearts and fuels their passions or who seeks to ease the suffering of others.
When Baelyne appears to a mortal it is either in the form of a physical manifestation or spirit, or occasionally as a non-corporeal inspiration such as a comforting breeze, a muse or a fleeting vision. Of the Gods she is also the most likely to instigate close intimate interactions from maternal care to carnal activities. Baelyne often appears to individuals who have been blinded by love or are close to madness because of it, offering a way to help them back onto the path, or as a muse for particularly creative individuals who would otherwise have their genius smothered by banality. She has been known to help such individuals by way of quests or personal trials, but is by far one of the more ‘connected’ Gods to her mortal followers.

Baelyne’s Herald is a Succubus who goes by the name of Aiyma; a unique Demon who fell in love with Baelyne and became her devoted servant, turning to the way of light and goodness. The Angelic Host of Baelyne consist of Astral Deva Angels who help guide wayward lovelorn souls on Tulun in times of peace, or who act as lieutenants and hospitallers in times of war.

Though Bealyne tries to get along with her divine brothers and sisters, she often struggles to keep company with Soenis for long periods of time due to his aggressive tendencies, and she tends to find Hanglr simply too prudish and restrictive, making time spent with him seem suffocating and constrictive.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

The Baelyne Clergy tends to concern itself with matters of the heart, and its priests are almost always Clerics. They are the members of The Church responsible for overseeing and formalizing marriages or the joining of two souls for life. Most temples to Baelyne are modest homely affairs, though the vast majority of actual weddings are held in Apovar temples due to the fact so many friends and families are needed to attend as witnesses.

Shines to Baelyne are often simple, modest affairs as well, usually being no more lavish than small roadside statues to the Goddess with bowls to place offerings. Priests of Baelyne are also often approached to help mediate disruptive matters of the heart such as jealousy, problems with adultery or unrequited love, and are as much counselors as they are clergymen and clergywomen.

Though the vast majority of Baelyne priests are Clerics registered with the Church, in more remote or less civilized areas one can also find Witches in service to the Goddess, offering love potions and spells to help ease a wounded heart. Many Bards also follow Baelyne openly, citing her in song and verse.

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